Engage us as a one-stop platform provider to take your services to the cloud

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SOA, middleware, integration and monetization to drive your digital business.

Cloud platform for electronic distribution and payment solutions

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End-to-end solution for prepaid distribution.

BSS platforms for the Communications Service Provider Market

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Specialists in fulfilment, assurance and billing solutions.


Here to help you monetize your business

Messaging & Collaboration

Deliver the right message at the right time to your customers and partners

Systems Integration

Putting together all the pieces is a process we really understand

Revenue Assurance

We manage your deposits, transaction debits and commission earnings with diligence and care

Real-time Transaction Processing

We enable brokered, fulfilled and hybrid transaction processing for business critical services

Horizontal Scalability

We provide Web-scale IT application platforms that are truly SOA compliant

Hardware Commoditisation

We deliver innovative services on commodity hardware

Software Engineering

We build software using SOA as the next software engineering paradigm

Application Platforms

A deep understanding of SOA as the next generation platform architecture to drive cloud economies

Web Development

We build sophisticated web application platforms to solve complex business problems

Enterprise Middleware

Our specialised middleware frees up funds for you to innovate

Enterprise Database Technologies

Experienced in design, development & administration of OLTP databases and ETL

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