Globetom delivers ICT solutions to business. Our years of Communication Service Provider (CSP) experience has enabled us to build platforms that are stable and that can scale to reach XTPP and Web-scale IT (read more about XTP) levels of processing. Globetom continues to focus on the Telecommunications Industry vertical while, at the same time, refining¬†our ability to deliver solutions in the Cloud. This focus is anchored in our confidence about the quality and scalability of our back-end platforms. Our GEF and GP3 flagship platforms, while proven in the CSP market, can be applied in any industry vertical. Our GP3 billing platform’s multi-tenancy allows us to handle cloud service subscription, rating, charging and billing for multiple clients on the same platform deployment.

As ICT becomes more central and strategic to any organisation in response to the new market forces of digitisation, globalisation and deregulation, Globetom is an ideal partner for businesses wishing to build cloud services, to monetise these services and to attract and retain customers.

Serving a variety of development communities

Globetom views our customer markets as a community of developers spanning no-development customers requiring commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions through to Industry Vertical Specialist developers requiring platforms and solutions that can be integrated into their enterprises using specialist development practices. This development community pyramid is depicted in the diagrams below. Globetom is presently busy driving its platforms and solutions towards improved support for no-development customer communities and Copy and Paste Development Communities. We are preparing our strong back-end platforms for cloud readiness and no-development adoption in the Cloud. Our RESTful web service APIs and API Management capabilities will be used as a primary market driver for Copy-and-paste service integration in the Cloud.

Product positioning using development community segmentation
pyramid6_ 500px
No developer community solution
This image means that our product is cloud-ready for end customers to sign up and start using the platform without any development required.
pyramid5_ 500px
Copy and Paste Developer Solution
The solution runs in the cloud, but tenant registration is done by means of a contracting process. Once the tenant is registered, the tenant uses the solution with a published RESTful Web Service API.
pyramid2_ 500px
No Development and optional Copy and Paste Developer Solution
The solution is usable through customer self-registration and optional API use with RESTful Web Service APIs is possible to extend use of the platform.
pyramid1_ 500px
Enterprise and Industry Specialist Solution
The solution uses Globetom platforms and focuses on integration as part of the overall Enterprise ICT solutions relying on Web Service integration using SOAP Web Services as well as some bespoke development.
pyramid3_ 500px
Industry Specialist Solution
The solution uses Globetom platforms and required deep involvement from industry specialist developers and Globetom to craft a solution to specific industry problems. While some standardised Web Service interoperability principles may be applied, specialised systems integration activities using industry-specific protocol integration will be involved.
pyramid4_ 500px
Enterprise Solution
The solution uses Globetom platforms and is integrated into the customer environment using Web Service integration principles with predominantly SOAP web service standards.

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