Vision, Mission and Value Statement




Vision Statement

Our technology creating an integrated world, resulting in unlocking opportunity for all.


Globetom’s vision is to build sustainable software technology solutions that contribute to building an increasingly integrated world that not only provides solutions to the privileged, but as a key vision to provide access to technology that is inclusive and that helps to elevate people from the Bottom of the Pyramid in terms of income to foster growth and sustainability.


Mission Statement

We create innovative business solutions based on our own technology platforms to service our customers with agility. These solutions enable responsiveness to rapidly changing market forces. We reduce risk through the delivery of quality solutions that grow with our customer’s business while continuously adding value.


Globetom strives to build innovative software solutions that leverage one or more of our own technology platforms. This leveraging creates an agile innovation environment which enables us to respond to changing customer needs rapidly. We are therefore prepared to respond to changing market forces in our own structuring but can also assist our customers to be agile and responsive to changing market forces. We are able to scale our platform-based solutions to start small and grow with our customer’s business growth. Our mission is not only to innovate but to create value innovation, i.e. to simultaneously pursue lower cost of production as well as increased value to our customers.






Delivering on our communicated promises.

Staying true to our personal values and morals.

Honesty in all of our business dealings.

Guarding the business and stakeholders against elements that can hurt it.

Our business dealings reflect the personal values of our leadership team.

We continuously reflect on our ethical boundaries and conduct our actions within these boundaries.



An inherent desire and learning to deliver higher value to customers quicker than our competition.

Adaptable to changing circumstances (flexibility).

Care and resulting responsiveness to customer needs.

Striking the appropriate balance between rapid delivery and quality.

We make our agility visible and tangible to our customers.

We open ourselves up to out-of-the-box thinking, i.e. we encourage creative problem-solving.



Ownership in our areas of responsibility.

Deep engagement with the business to the extent that our colleagues and other stakeholders feel inspired by it.

Focus on continuously exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Alert to gaps and to fill those gaps to complete our business execution of goals.

Passionate about assisting and helping each other grow.

Deeply routed engagement with the business to reach organisational vision and goals.



Buy-in to our platforms and to recognise how it can be applied to contribute to the growth our stakeholders.

Continuously thinking up new ways to improve things (incremental innovation).

Successful commercial adoption of our platforms for commercial gain and value to our stakeholders.

Striking a continuous balance between lowered cost of production while increasing value to our customers.

Solving problems with the tools that we have.

The focus on continuously seeking more effective ways of creating viable solutions to problems.



Working closely with our customers.

We willfully develop partnerships for joint value addition with industry bodies and industry role players.

We willfully and deeply engage our people in contributing to the success of our customers.

Our leadership continuously aligns to ensure common goal setting and execution.

In working together, we respect each other’s time and create structured learning environments.

Recognising and respecting different strengths in our teams.

Employing and investing in group think through reading, theoretic and pragmatic reflection.

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