Our instruments for the creation of meaningful products and the delivery of service excellence. Globetom prides itself in the creation of a stimulating, creative work environment where innovation is highly valued

Culture and Core Values

Globetom has an entrenched culture where our human resources are valued for their innovative abilities.

Globetom’s Core Values are:

  • That we deal with our customers with the utmost Integrity at all times
  • That we illustrate Mutual Respect to our peers, internal and external customers alike
  • That we accept and embrace the Cultural Diversity of the people in our organisation
  • That we have a passion to support the people around us in the true spirit of Teamwork
  • That we take Ownership for our deliverables at all times and apply this ownership with diligence and with the application of our talents to the best of our abilities
  • That we have a Passion for Innovation and pride ourselves in our products and service delivery


Globetom has significant Human Resource skills in the following areas:
Software Engineering: Java, C++, .NET,PHP, Oracle / PLSQL, Object Orientation, Mission-critical, large systems development
Systems Integration: Telecommunications Network Resource Integration, Fulfilment, Assurance and Billing

Philip Stander

Managing Director

Philip Stander has over 25 years of ICT industry experience in various software design development and management roles. He has a passion for the growth of the South African ICT sector as recognised, globally competitive innovators. He lives out this passion in Globetom, a company he co-founded in 2002, aided by a talented team of highly skilled professionals. Philip holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Chemistry from the University of Pretoria which he obtained Cum Laude, as well as a Master of Arts in Leading of Innovation and Change from York St John University which he obtained in 2015.

Marne Meades

Executive Director – Engineering Production and Human Resources

With over 20 years of experience in the ICT industry gained after completing her studies in Computer Science at the University of Pretoria, Marne has a passion for software engineering production and, in particular, in the coordination and management of projects. Marne oversees the company software engineering production and also fulfils the role of Human Resources Director. Marne was a co-founder of Globetom in 2002 and is also a major shareholder in the business. Marne holds an Honours Degree in Computer Science which she obtained from the University of Pretoria.

Jacques Karsten

Director – Software Engineering Process Capital

Jacques joined Globetom directly after completing his tertiary studies in Computer Engineering at the University of Pretoria in 2004. Jacques has been involved in the creation of key Globetom product capital and has a particular passion in his role as Software Engineering Manager to ensure the adoption of service oriented architecture in Globetom. Jacques has over 10 years of solid software engineering experience and has a deep-routed passion for software engineering coupled with a unique ability to apply service oriented architecture as an engineering paradigm for the construction of unique and sustainable customer solutions.

Henning Viljoen

Director – Technology Adoption

Henning joined Globetom in early 2005 after returning from the UK where he worked for various ICT companies in software engineering and technical lead roles. Henning started out at Globetom as a specialist software engineer and technical lead and quickly grew into a business management role, combining his passion for business with his technical skills. His main role is to oversee the adoption and productisation of Globetom products with the business development team. He also oversees interface development projects. Henning holds a BSc Honours in Digital Innovation which he obtained Cum Laude from the Dublin Institute of Technology.

Carl Thobane

Director – Communication Service Provider Key Accounts

Carl joined Globetom in 2004 after working at Hewlett-Packard for 5 years as an IT Consultant. He has 16 years experience in the ICT industry gained after completing his studies in Computer Science at the University of Johannesburg. He started his career at Globetom as a support engineer focusing on the Globetom IBF platform and its implementation. Carl went on to further become the Support Manager in 2008 and in 2012 changed roles to become a Principal Implementation Specialist, serving as technical lead on a variety of projects in addition to Client Relationship Management. He has a great passion for troubleshooting and problem solving and also for developing new relationships with people. His role is to look after and develop key strategic Telecommunications accounts.

Pieter Janse van Rensburg

Director – Innovation Portfolio Management

Pieter joined Globetom as a software engineer in 2004, focusing predominantly on architectural design and development of the Globetom Intelligent Brokering and Fulfilment Framework for the Communications Service Provider market. Pieter has 12 years of ICT industry experience and is passionate about finding creative and innovative solutions to customer problems. Pieter is presently growing into his new executive role and plays a key role in Globetom’s platform innovation initiatives. Pieter holds an Honours degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Pretoria and his present passion is to drive Globetom to an increasingly innovative market position with key platform innovation initiatives.

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