Chamelix delivers a rich web and mobile application development framework

Chamelix delivers enterprise ready portals

Chamelix can be used by customers for complex web and mobile portals to drive its web administrative application development efforts as well as public cloud portals.


Globetom is able to kick-start your enterprise with a framework that will allow your business to focus on solving your business problems and not on building complex web development frameworks.

Modern and Simple Framework

Chamelix provides a modern and easy to customise framework to provide the best user experience to customers

User Role Management

A comprehensive user role management function that provides fine-grained access control to web and administrative portal features based on user roles.

Powerful Dashboarding

A powerful building toolset to make visualisation of business information easy to achieve.


User Role Based Access Control
Multiple Authentication Model Support
User Role Mappings to Feature Sets
Configuration-Driven Incorporation of Business Models
Work-Flow Based Wizard Environment
Built-in Reporting and Dashboarding Functionality
White Labelling Capability
Complete Isolation of Business Models
Extensive Audit Trail Capabilities
Comprehensive Reporting
Standalone Bootstrap Portal Capability
Native Integration with all Globetom Platforms


Rapid web application development framework

Ready for integration with our integration platform

Ready for RESTful web service enablement

Modern and user friendly look and feel

Ready for building of complex web-based admin applications

Ability to create native mobile applications


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