Electronic Prepaid, Payment and Distribution Solutions


Cloud platform for electronic distribution and payment solutions


With Globetom already servicing wholesale distributors for electronic prepaid voucher and payment solutions in multiple countries in Africa using our public cloud GP3 Prepaid Payment and Distribution platform (GP3-PPD in short), you can start leveraging our growing cloud platform to build an electronic outlet network and deliver innovative services to markets at the Bottom of the Pyramid by eliminating costly physical distribution operations.

Globetom perceives the establishment of an effective digital channel in emerging markets as a strategy continuum comprising three phases as depicted in the infographic below:

ppd-one In the first stage we assist wholesale distributors to engage with Service Providers to understand systems integration requirements for transaction fulfilment
 ppd-two In the second stage, our wholesale distribution customers build a retail outlet network or convert existing retail networks to the use of the digital platforms
 ppd-03 In the third stage, Globetom provides complete peace of mind to all stakeholders in the value chain through the effective management of the platform for electronic transaction switching and fulfilment




Typical Use Cases

Conversion from scratch-card to electronic prepaid voucher distribution

If you are an existing wholesale electronic distributor with voucher distribution contracts with Communication Service Providers (CSPs) or other prepaid service providers, you can convert your physical distribution network to an optimised electronic distribution channel by using software already available in the cloud from Globetom.

Communication Service Provider Direct Distribution or Platform Managed Partner Distribution

CSPs such as GSM Operators are reliant on Wholesale Distribution Channels to effectively deliver physical vouchers to prepaid market outlets. In many cases this distribution is logistically challenging, especially in emerging markets. Vouchers are a strategic payment resource to CSPs and other prepaid service providers. By converting this distribution to an effective electronic channel, fraud is reduced and/or eliminated, logistical distribution issues are reduced and new voucher denominations can be introduced to the marketplace in a matter of minutes. Voucher denomination availability is also vastly increased as it is sold from electronically distributed stock levels. This means that CSP subscribers have access to the denomination and voucher types that they require at any outlet.

Payment Terminal Service Provider (PTSP) services

GP3 includes a comprehensive ISO8583 technology stack for card payment solutions. Once our customers have established the financial institution relationships, our mPOS devices can be integrated with Financial Service Institution’s ISO8583 transaction switches and the wholesale distributor can therefore, extend its service offering as a Payment Terminal Service Provider (PTSP).

Many other solutions and use cases

Globetom has implemented many solutions required by Wholesale Distributors. A few examples are:

  • Prepaid electricity payments;
  • Franchise models for off-grid power solutions using batteries and accessories such as clean cooking units;
  • Prepaid Pay Television payments;
  • Bill payments;
  • Geographical point to point money transfers;
  • Sport betting vouchers.

Electronic Distribution Point of Presence Establishment

Electronic prepaid distribution points-of-presence can be established using a variety of mechanisms. Most of our customers in emerging markets prefer to establish a primary retail outlet network using Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) devices.

Points of Presence Types Supported
Access Type Title Description
newpos NEW POS NEW POS offer a range of affordable devices. Globetom's Prepaid Distribution software is certified to run on most models available from NEW POS.
telepower Telepower The Telepower TPS300 model range provides an affordable, PCI compliant device that is certified to run the Globetom GP3 prepaid distribution terminal software. Our software uses 3DES encryption standards with each operator session obtain a new 3DES key set to ensure a highly secure transaction processing environment.
GP3-PPD-BYOD GP3 Android Application The GP3 PPD application is available on the Android market. This application is excellent for voucher-less airtime top-up applications and for use by street vendors. This can also be combined with any pocket bluetooth printer for voucher printing from the mobile application. For voucherless distribution and payment applications, Globetom integrates with the prepaid balance management and payment platforms of the GSM network operators or other service provider balance management applications.
API2 RESTful and SOAP APIs For key retail accounts or independent application developers requiring access to payment and top-up functions, Globetom offers a Professional Service engagement to integrate using its SOAP and RESTful APIs.


Commercial Models

GP3 Prepaid Distribution (GP3-PPD) is designed as a multi-tenant platform from the ground up. This means that we can on-board you as a wholesale distributor without incurring any costs other than costs involved with physical electronic devices for electronic retail point of presence establishment.

Our basic commercial models are as follows:

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) model
    • Payment of a monthly Right to Use Fee (RTU Fee);
    • Revenue share on a sliding scale basis;
    • Once-off activation fees per Mobile Point of Sale Device;
    • No establishment costs for Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD)- you simply supply us with your Service Provider’s electronic voucher file formats and encryption policies and we implement your voucher on-boarding for sales;
    • Typical go-to-market times from time of contract finalisation is less than 4 weeks for EVD;
    • Access to Globetom Helpdesk and Standard Care Support;
    • Premium Care support options are available.
  • Fixed subscription term managed service models
    • If you would not like to share revenue, we offer managed service models to look after your electronic platform operation;
    • Premium Care support offered.
  • License models
    • If you would like to license the GP3 software and host in your data centre;
    • We offer term licenses, per-processor and enterprise perpetual license models;
    • Annual support and maintenance available at Standard or Premium care levels;
    • Lifetime upgrade and support of software while maintenance and support payments are up to date.



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