Billing and Revenue Assurance


Globetom’s GP3 platform provides the foundation for a watertight revenue management solution to take care of rating, charging, balance management and revenue assurance for a wide variety of business applications. With the GP3 foundation in the Telecommunications Industry, it is purpose built for rating and charging of micro services for a large customer base. The platform is used as the foundation for Globetom Subscription Billing, Billing on Cloud, Billing of Cloud Services and many other solutions. The Billing and Revenue assurance focus can therefore be applied to any industry vertical where real-time rating and charging is applicable or where subscription billing principles are applicable.

The GP3 platform supports billing and revenue assurance functions as described in the infographic below and consists of six focus areas:

  1. Customer Provisioning
  2. Policy Enforcement and Rating
  3. Online Charging
  4. Balance Management
  5. Revenue Assurance
  6. Reporting and Business Intelligence



Customer Provisioning

GP3 provides interfaces for customer (subscriber) provisioning for billing purposes. Minimal customer profiling is required for the billing and revenue assurance aspects of the GP3 platform. This provisioning is added to the

Policy Enforcement and Rating

The GP3 Rating and Policy Engine provides a web-based administrative interface that enables billing administrators to set up from simple to complex, data-driven rate and policy plans. Rate plans can be set up to support prepaid and postpaid models. In addition, rate plans to support event and session-based charging models are fully supported.

The sample screen below illustrates the rate plan and policy configuration interface. Please click on the images on this page to enlarge.


The GP3 Rating engine is also benchmarked to support more thanĀ 1,500 rating requests per second on a single Intel 2U, dual Zeon processor platform. This includes the ESB communication to the Rating and Policy services. Typical rating latencies per request is less than 6 milliseconds.

Online Charging Function

The GP3 online charging function delivers functionality to rate for an event or session, apply the charge with on-board balance management and log Charging Data Records (CDRs) for each balance adjustment. As shown in the example SLA performance graph below, the online charging function completes charging cycles in approximately 10 milliseconds.



Balance Management

GP3 is able to manage multiple dedicated accounts and wallets for each customer. Targeted accounts for chargeable events are determined by the Rating and Policy Engine.



Revenue Assurance

Each online charging operationĀ that affects customer account balance(s) is recorded in real-time in an online transaction journal. This is referred to as GP3 XDRs with the X interchangeable for:

  • Charging Data Records (CDRs) – transaction journal entries that are logged when customer balance is affected
  • Event Data Records (EDRs) – journal entries logged for audited events but where customer balance is not affected
  • Rewards Data Records (RDRs) – journal entries relating to loyalty reward credits or loyalty points redemptions



Reporting and Business Intelligence

GP3 includes a comprehensive report developer as well as dashboard and graph visualisation toolsets. XDR records are spooled every few minutes from the online transaction processing data stores and is uploaded into an off-line data store for reporting and analytical processes. The spooled data records



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