Cloud Computing

Platforms to enable your cloud business, manage customers and monetise services


Globetom’s GEF framework provides a comprehensive SOA and Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to build cloud-integrated services. Our GP3 platform provides service monetization, revenue assurance and customer retention functions. With an engagement with Globetom to deliver cloud services, you have a one-stop solution provider that can provide thought leadership and a comprehensive technology stack to grow your revenue from cloud service delivery.

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Build Business Processes

buildbusprocs Using GEF as a SOA application platform for integration-focused business processes to leverage your existing services and to monetize it in the cloud or, alternatively, leverage other cloud service vendor services in unique ways to create your cloud service subscription economies.


Deploy Business Services

deploybusprocs Once business services are developed and tested, deployment of services to your public cloud infrastructure is easily managed. Services become accessible through RESTful or SOAP web service APIs. Globetom guarantees transaction security with PKI encryption standards for SOAP and with OAuth for RESTful API consumption. GEF as a SOA application platform is built for horizontal scalability, and new application servers can be introduced on-the-fly to expand processing capacity for demanding cloud services. GEF is VMware server virtualisation ready.


 Manage Services

manageservices We manage any business process or service developed using GEF as a SOA application framework from the outset. We already benchmark services during development so that your cloud solution is prepared for the production capacity required. The example below illustrates the GEF commercial off the shelf Service Monitor. All service data is collected in real-time and rolled up into 5-minute, hourly, daily and monthly Service Level Agreement statistical data. 3-Monthly moving average values are kept. This service performance and quality of service data serves as complete data to build Cloud Service Key Performance Indicator metrics.


Monetise Services

monetiseservices With GP3 as Globetom’s flagship real-time charging and billing platform, we integrate billing operations into transaction fulfilment paths. With GP3 billing operations completing in a few milliseconds, real-time charging and policy management relating to billing is seamlessly incorporated into the execution paths of cloud services. We support:

  • Subscription billing models with usage-based depletion;
  • Event-based billing models for discrete usage events;
  • Metered billing models;
  • Session billing models for user sessions.

Assure Service Revenue

assurerevenue With GP3’s tight revenue management controls, each transaction is recorded in a detailed, unified Charging Data Record (CDR) format. This is performed in real-time during transaction processing. The CDRs are spooled from online databases into an archive database serving as a source for revenue assurance reporting and analytics. The CDR format, therefore, provides a single fact table for multi-dimensional reporting. CDRs can also be extracted using Extraction-Transformation-Loading (ETL) principles to feed existing enterprise data warehouses with cloud revenue information.

Retain Customers

retaincustomers With GP3’s comprehensive loyalty program management functions, it is easy to start a rewards program from the outset to attract and retain customers. The platform can manage associations between customers, e.g. family and friends associations, to differentiate during usage billing and loyalty benefit redemption.
Ten compelling reasons to use Globetom's cloud service enabling technology
Reason Benefit
1 GEF framework is proven as a SOA application platform in demanding Telecommunications environments Your cloud service stability is guaranteed
2 GEF is purpose-built for systems integration Integrate your own applications or existing cloud services with ease
3 GEF is purpose-built for business process orchestration for short-living transactions and therefore for real-time service delivery Use platform for real-time transaction processing and billing
4 Technology stack is ready for RESTful and SOAP web service enablement Ready to reach a global user community out of the box
5 Comprehensive API Manager to ensure that subscriptions are adhered to Control and govern service usage from day one to protect your and your partner's service platforms
6 GP3 platform will look after your customer charging and billing needs Cloud services and cloud service billing platform from a single supplier
7 Web portal capability makes it easy to on-board new customers Integrate your CRM with GP3 or use GP3 for complete customer management
8 Prepaid ready with on-board prepaid balance management Target not only post-paid subscriptions but a globally growing prepaid customer community
9 Electronic voucher distribution ready with vouchers usable as a payment resource Reach customers with promotional vouchers or simply use vouchers as a payment method
10 Scale with easy from single figure transactions per second to web-scale IT and eXtreme Transaction Platform capabilities Start with a small and affordable GEF and GP3 footprint with the guarantee of future horizontal scaling


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