Telecommunications Industry Solution Focus


Globetom has a key market focus on the delivery of Business Support Systems (BSS) solutions to Communications Service Provider market. Our platforms IBF, GEF and GP3 are all proven in Tier 1 GSM Operator environments in Africa and Asia Pacific.

Globetom is a Member Organisation of the TM Forum (since 2003)
Our platform, solution and service offering to CSPs are explained using the TMForum TAM Application map which is provided below.

TMForum Frameworx TAM Map

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You can download the Globetom eTOM and TAM map below. This showcases our platform, solution and service offering mapped to the eTOM and TAM frameworks. Click on the image to get a mapping of Globetom’s offering or download the PDF document. Our differentiators within the various TAM areas are agility through business process orchestration and service orientation, cost-effectiveness and modernity of our platforms. All our solutions are virtualisation ready, multi-tenant, scalable and adaptable.

Globetom Plaform, Solution and Service offer eTOM map

Our key Telecommunications Industry solution focus areas are the following:

Telco-grade SOA Broker

Globetom’s flagship GEF platform delivers on the SOA promise of business agility while, at the same time, delivering the ability to scale to thousands of business process execution cycles per second. The premise that silo integration solutions to deliver services is outdated is now well established. At the same time many CSPs fail in their attempts to adopt SOA as an architecture to drive horizontal BSS/OSS systems integration and reusable service orientation because of the complexity and cost of scaling of traditional, mainstream application server platforms. GEF is built for real-time, systems integration focused business processes involving multi-step orchestration and/or choreography to deliver on complex, real-time business process requirements. GEF is used for fine-grained business process orchestration that branches out from the technology-neutral to the technology-specific integration tasks like real-time provisioning.

Prepaid management

We focus on delivering BSS solutions with GEF, GP3 and IBF that enables our clients to deliver market differentiation in the prepaid segment with agile innovation platforms for the rapid rollout of new prepaid services. While prepaid remains a key focus, hybrid models where CSP’s offer a mix of prepaid and postpaid business models is also fully supported. We use our platforms as a foundation to innovate and to enable our CSP clients to meet and exceed time to market goals to reduce churn and increase loyalty through continuous rollout of new services.

Electronic Wholesale Distribution and Payment Solutions


Our GP3 Prepaid and Payment Distribution (PPD) platform in the cloud (see GP3 PPD) enables Wholesale Distributors to convert scratchcard voucher distribution to an electronic channel without platform investment. The platform also enables our Wholesale Distribution customers to rapidly roll out new services to improve their service offering to retail outlets. Examples of additional Value Added Services include payment solutions e.g. Prepaid Electricity, Prepaid PayTv, account payments. Other examples include ISO8583 support for card payment services to enable our mPOS devices to participate in the payment ecosystem as a Payment Terminal Service Aggregator.

Service Offer Management

Our IBF platform and solutions include a comprehensive market offer management toolset to manage service options, promotional offers, recurring subscription offers, loyalty redemption offers and many more. Our solutions are ideal for Communications Service Providers experiencing churn (port-out) to competition because of a stale BSS technology stack that inhibits innovation.


Fulfilment solutions

Globetom understands what it takes to build, deploy and manage solutions to look after real-time fulfilment requirements. Globetom’s GEF and IBF frameworks are ideally suited to solve complex, real-time BSS and Network Resource integration fulfilment needs. Fulfilment requirements taken care of include simple fulfilment transactions such as real-time balance enquiries, prepaid voucher redemption fulfilment up to complex provisioning transactions to fulfil market offers.

Assurance solutions


With a wealth of experience in the Network Fault Management arena, Globetom leverages GEF as a CSP SOA platform and builds adapters to integrate with Network Resources for network fault management using a variety of protocol standards for this purpose. Examples include OSI CMIP/RFC1006 (Q3), 3GPP, SNMP and proprietary interfaces. The platform is used to build umbrella network mediation functions. Project examples include GSM Radio, Switching and Core network fault management mediation and processing, network configuration extracts for Network Inventory Management system feeds. With GEF’s ability to cache network resource events using caching technologies such as MySQL in-memory data, Redit, Hadoop and ACE key-value lookup caching, our mediation solution is able to provide a solid foundation for event correlation and de-duplication.

Billing solutions


Our GP3 platform delivers a complete subscriber, rating, charging, balance management and revenue assurance solution off the shelf. With the GP3 real-time rating and policy management functions, the platform is built to scale to support processing of thousands of rating events per second on a small commodity hardware or virtualised footprint. The platform includes core voucher management operations with on-board, externalised or policy based balance management functions. The comprehensive, multi-tenant platform makes it an ideal platform for CSPs and MVNOs requiring functions such as total subscriber management, subscription management, rating and charging or re-rating, voucher  management and distribution to wholesale and/or retail networks. The GP3 Rating and Charging module delivers billing agility with a sophisticated, web-based rate plan administration function with easy deployment from development to test and production environments.

Loyalty, Customer-centricity and Business Intelligence


Our GP3 platform provides off-the-shelf Web Service interfaces for loyalty programme management. The interfaces and off-the-shelf implementation enables CRM integration for automation of loyalty programme enrolment as part of CRM order management. With a real-time and batch event processing capability, multi-channel customer interactions with our CSP clients can be processed to award dynamic benefits, including on-board managed loyalty wallets, coalition partner benefits and many more. Loyalty programme members are managed on the platforms and benefits resulting from product or service orders are managed as subscriptions on the platform. CRM integration examples include Oracle Siebel CRM,and Oracle CRM On-demand. All interactions with the GP3 loyalty platform is accessible through Web Service consumption.

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