A platform to provide differentiation in the telecommunications sector

Deliver market-differentiating offers to customers in a converged telecommunications market

Globetom’s Intelligent Brokering and Fulfilment platform offers a rich business process modelling and orchestration framework coupled with service catalogue reference and life-cycle management functions.


The platform scales with ease from tens to hundreds of millions of business process orchestrations daily to deliver on demanding brokering and fulfilment needs for the Communication Service Provider market.


IBF delivers the ability to build reference data integration into your integration platform for real-time integration into business processes.

Proven Scale

IBF is highly scalable, processing over 160 million business executions daily for our customers.


IBF allows you to overcome agility constraints with reference data management, business process modelling and orchestration using Service Oriented Architecture.

IBF Platform Umbrella Innovation Strategy Focus


Market Offer Management
Business Process Modelling and Orchestration
Standardised Web Service Integration
Catalogue Management
Reference Data Integration Readiness
Standardised Customer-Facing Access Channel Integration
Full Service Offer Management
Certified for Real-Time Business Process Execution
XML Data Presentation on Service Bus
Web Base Operation, Administration and Management
API’s and Interfaces
Subscriber Reference Data Management
SOA Integration and Extension Framework
Comprehensive Reporting
Best in Class SLA Governance Data
Service Fulfilment and Life-Cycle Management



Market offer definition, fulfilment and life-cycle management agility.

Horizontal scalability

True horizontal scalability on commodity hardware platforms.

Reuse of business processes

Reuse of business processes across all customer-facing channels.


Service asset base for reuse and to break down silos and system duplication.

Real-time business process orchestration

Built for real-time business process orchestration.

SOA platform

Modern, SOA platform with proven scale to orchestrate BSS/OSS systems to deliver new services.


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