An effective and reliable way of communicating with your customers

Iwin enables businesses to have an effective and reliable way of communicating with their customers

Make your business communication simple, cost-effective and convenient with Iwin.


Manage your customers, their contact details, messaging campaigns, mobile competitions and much more through the powerful communication platform.

Real-time Messaging

Stay in contact with your entire customer base as everything happens in real-time with two way messaging.

Easy Integration

Integrate this solution directly into any of your current platforms using Iwin's Comprehensive REST API.


Stay in touch with your entire customer base at a cost-effective price, saving you money.


Manage Users
Create Phone Books
Create Scheduels
Create Templates
Comprehensive Reporting
Advanced Filtering
Messaging Locally and Internationally
Create Competitions
Generate Revenue
Web Base Operation, Administration and Management
Create Databases of Clients
Run Surveys


Manage all your company and customer messaging on one platform

Integrate directly into your current systems and platforms

Generate revenue for your business easily

Enhance your customer communication with real-time messaging

Upload millions of phone book entries quickly

Create reusable templates with insertable tokens, personalising your messages


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