Globetom Enterprise Foundation (GEF)


Innovate, build, deploy and manage services to expand your market globally. 

The Globetom Enterprise Foundation (GEF) is a next-generation application server and integration platform in the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), XTPP and Web-scale IT paradigms.

GEF delivers a robust framework that is used as a foundation for the development of applications that conform to SOA principles.

By enabling service development in languages such as C++ (Linux, Unix, Microsoft .NET Visual C++), .NET, Java and PHP, GEF is programming language agnostic and hardware and operating system platform agnostic. The product delivers cross-platform reach meaning that your organisation can benefit from Windows and UNIX (Linux) applications integrated using GEF. The core GEF application runs on Linux distributions and is certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS. The application platform is virtualisation and cloud server ready with many installations running on VMWare.

GEF truly delivers on the SOA promise: SOA is often diluted to client-server applications using the internet as communication network. GEF delivers on the SOA differentiation – the agility gained through the execution of services that are implemented as configurable business processes. Our business process modelling is done in Mcrosoft Visio. This means that the bulk of your business functionality runs on existing, proven, business process orchestration code. This reduces risk with new product and service introduction.

Proven Technology: GEF already switches more than 450 billion middleware messages per annum across multiple industry verticals. Our collective solution portfolio includes hundreds of business processes deployed for our customers.

Web-Scale IT: GEF supports horizontal scalability. This means that our customers can start with a small, commoditised hardware footprint with the knowledge of linear hardware and infrastructure cost of scaling and no surprises once mass-scale service delivery is required.

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  • Reduce Costs Consolidate redundant application functionality and decouple functionality from obsolete and costly applications while leveraging existing investments.
  • Agility GEF is an agile platform for cloud services. Facilitate rapid restructuring and reconfiguration of business processes and solutions that consume them.
  • Increase Competitive Advantage Enter new markets and leverage existing business capabilities in new and innovative ways using a set of loosely-coupled IT
  • Time-to-Market Deliver business-aligned solutions faster by allowing the business to decide on the key drivers of a solution and allowing IT to rapidly support and implement that direction.
  • Consolidation Integrate across silo’ed solutions and organizations, reduce the physical number of systems, and enable consolidation of platforms under a program of graceful transition– from legacy spaghetti dependencies to a more organized and integrated set of coexisting systems.
  • Alignment Align IT to business goals, enabling the business to associate IT with capabilities that an organization wants to achieve.


  • Business Process Modelling
  • Business Process Orchestration
  • SOA Repository
  • SOA Application Testing
  • SOA Governance
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Message Oriented Middleware
  • Flexible, multi-language adapter development
  • Service Broker
  • Service Registry
  • Service Manager
  • Presentation Services
  • Data Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Software Development
"While SOA was initially sold around the value of reuse, or the ability to reuse services among various systems, users have come to discover that the real value of SOA provided is the ability to change core business processes without requiring waves of redevelopment, testing and deployment. This is a very important point."David S Linthicum - Cloud Computing and SOA Convergence in Your Enterprise - A Step-by-Step Guide, Addison Wesley, 2009  

 GEF enterprise service bus

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