Globetom Prepaid and Payment Platform (GP3)


GP3 is Globetom’s award winning billing and transaction fulfilment platform that helps businesses bring to market and monetize products and services. 

The platform delivers complete subscriber management, rating and charging, balance management and revenue assurance functions for next-generation service providers.

Highly Scalable: Scale from single to thousands of transactions per second using horizontal scaling principles.

Customizable: Every business is different and has different requirements. GP3 has strong framework capability meaning it can support your specific requirements and be agile enough to change as market conditions change.

Tried and Tested: Customers around the world use GP3 for prepaid distribution, loyalty, charging and fulfilment. Visit our Portfolio Page to see examples of GP3 in action.

Solutions built on GP3 include:


  • Support new business models
  • Enable interaction with multiple partners
  • Quickly develop and extend solutions as business opportunities develop and mature
  • Accommodate multiple service providers/country operations on a single deployment
  • Gain billing agility by enabling short turnaround times for rate plan changes
  • Support millions of programme members and millions of programme member interactions


  • Subscriber/Member Management
  • Voucher Management
  • Rules and Rewards Engine
  • Catalogue
  • Survey Capability
  • Service & Balance Management
  • Revenue Assurance and Audit Trails
  • Web Base Operation, Administration and Management
  • API’s and Interfaces
  • Multi-tenancy
  • SOA Integration and Extension Framework
  • Reporting and Dashboards for all Stakeholders.
  • Payment Control Function
"With increasing number of businesses leveraging cloud services, effective monetization and revenue assurance has gained critical importance for cloud service vendors. Globetom’s GP3 platform is one such multi-tenant platform that supports subscription management, provisioning, and customer lifecycle management functions; thereby making it a one stop shop solution for high value customizations, for prominent carrier providers. The GP3 platform also provides a sophisticated rating engine for service usage billing and embedded loyalty platform, with real-time allocation of loyalty benefits. This, combined with its extended support for preferred payment gateways has made Globetom a trusted cloud billing vendor in the South African market, with a strong global outlook." - CLOUD BILLING MARKET - By Solution (Billing of Cloud Services, Billing Services on Cloud); By Delivery (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS); By Users (SMB, Enterprises),  Global Advancements, Market Forecasts & Analysis (2013-2018) - Markets and Markets 


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