Intelligent Brokering & Fulfilment (IBF)


Deliver market-differentiating offers to customers in a converged telecommunications market

Globetom’s Intelligent Brokering and Fulfilment platform offers a rich business process modelling and orchestration framework coupled with service catalogue reference and life-cycle management functions.  The platform scales with ease from tens to hundreds of millions of business process orchestrations daily to deliver on demanding brokering and fulfilment needs for the Communication Service Provider market.

In todays’s demanding, increasingly commoditised telecommunications sector agility in market differentiating offers and the ability to continuously reduce time to market is a business imperative. IBF provides Communication Service Providers with an agile brokering and fulfilment function with real-time business process orchestration capabilities to deliver on the agility promise in a single platform.

Key Features

  • Telco-grade broker capable of switching hundreds of million of business processes per day
  • Focus on fine-grained (eTOM Level 4 and 5) integration and fulfilment capabilities
  • Focus on broker inter-operability through standardised service consumption
  • Intelligence – generic real-time reference data access capability with Oracle® RDBMS
  • Full Service Offer Management capabilities
  • Service Catalogue for a variety of service offers
  • Service fulfilment and life-cycle management
  • Comprehensive subscriber reference data management
  • Revenue Assurance Journalling for downstream billing
  • Integrate with GP3 for digital service on-boarding with subscription management and billing
"Without question, the Gang of Four (Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook) has built the world's most valuable and powerful business platforms. In doing so, these companies have done nothing short of redefine business. Collectively, they have introduced the platform as the most important business model of the 21st century. And they have spawned a litany of imitators. Thousands of companies are:
  • Building their own platforms
  • Creating valuable planks that complement existing platforms
  • Modifying business models to incorporate platforms
  • Becoming platform partners" 
From The Age of the Platform: How Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google Have Redefined Business, Phil Simon, Motion Publishing, Nevada, 2011   With the race on for digital service delivery in a converged telecommunications market, the time is now riper than ever for Communications Service Providers to look beyond traditional application platforms for platforms that will deliver on agility and innovation to design in-house or on-board partner services rapidly. At Globetom we believe this is a business imperative and that the same platform used for core BSS/OSS integration must be leveraged to grow a partner ecosystem.

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