Web and Mobile Framework (WMF)


Globetom’s WMF delivers a rich Web and Mobile application development framework.

Globetom uses the framework exclusively for complex web and mobile portals to drive its web administrative application development efforts as well as public cloud portals.

The WMF provides a comprehensive platform for enterprise web application development. Globetom is able to kick-start your enterprise with a framework that will allow your business to focus on solving your business problems and not on building complex web development frameworks.

User role-based access to functionality: The WMF includes a comprehensive user role management function that provides fine-grained access control to web and administrative portal features based on user roles.

Audit Trail: Ability to log, retain and report on fine-grained user audit trails for access to business functions that are required by company policy, regulation or legislation to be traced.

While Labelling: Ability to change look and feel with ease is fully supported.

Reports, Graphs and Dashboards: The WMF includes a comprehensive report building toolset to make visualisation of business information easy to achieve.

Modern, Simple MVC Framework: The WMF is a modern MVC framework that leverages object-oriented PHP with a clean framework for web and RESTful API development.



  • Rapid web application development framework
  • Ready for SOA integration with GEF for mass-scalability
  • Ready for RESTful web service enablement
  • Ready for building of complex web-based administrative applications
  • Liberates developers to focus more on business use cases and less on traditional web development challenges


  • User-role-based access control to models through a rich configurator
  • Support for different authentication models, including LDAP
  • Configuration-driven incorporation of Business Models
  • User role mappings to feature sets (menu options) using configuration
  • Work-flow based wizard environment for multi-step, controlled user interaction
  • Built-in, rich reporting and dashboard functionality including a report scheduler
  • White labelling capability (present the same models with different views)
  • Complete isolation of business models / use cases from presentation
  • Native integration with GEF (Globetom Enterprise Foundation – Enterprise Middleware) for business process consumption from Indlela business models thereby creating a natural web and mobile portal reusing business processes to deliver omni-channel customer service.
  • Native integration with GP3 (Globetom Prepaid and Payment Platform) for subscription, billing and revenue assurance application integration
  • REStful API and API management extensions for RESTful API developers
  • Extensive audit trail capabilities
  • Ability to embed models and views in Content Management Frameworks (CMFs) e.g. Drupal,    Wordpress
  • Standalone bootstrap portal capability
"MVC decouples views and models by establishing a subscribe/notify protocol between them. A view must ensure that its appearance reflects the state of the model. Whenever the model's data changes, the model notifies views that depend on it. In response, each view gets an opportunity to update itself. This approach lets you attach multiple views to a model to provide different presentations. You can also create new views for a model without rewriting it."  Internet Alchemy Blog by Ian Davis

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