Bespoke Applications


We help innovators by building bespoke solutions leveraging our core platforms that reduces time to market.

Globetom’s core platforms offer a one stop shop to build, deploy, assure, monetise services and drive customer centricity. These solutions are tailored to your business needs with no compromise on innovation owing to platform limitations.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development can often be halted because of a lack expertise to source the appropriate base platform technology to support new business initiatives. Conversely, and even more troubling, wrong or fragmented platform choices lead to MVP developments with cost models that are not viable owing to poor choices that were made from the outset. Globetom takes a unique approach by offering a complete platform suite to support delivery of business processes to implement the innovation. In addition, our platforms provide assurance, monetisation and customer retention functions to deliver an entire commerce platform foundation to support lean innovation initiatives.

Experience: We have vast experience in the use of our platforms to create bespoke solutions for customers ranging from start-ups to large enterprises.

Core Competencies: Read more about our core competencies that we can apply in your organisation.

Portfolio: Visit our portfolio pages for examples of how we leverage our platforms to build market-leading solutions for our customers



  • Build solutions to meet your needs with a high degree of platform use without losing your market differentiation
  • Reuse of platforms proven in extremely demanding environments
  • Benefit from the use of a highly skilled platform innovation company's resource pool in driving your solution development
  • Less coding and more business process modelling to implement your solution which reduces risk
  • Agile processes to support MVP development to accelerate go to market
  • Mature delivery processes to keep you as a customer in control of your solution

Key Features

  • Modern SOA platform as base application platform
  • Business Process Modelling leveraged to capture business requirements
  • Sophisticated billing platform to take care of service monetisation
  • Messaging and Collaboration Framework to take care of mobile communication needs
  • Web and Mobile Framework to create customer portals for self-help interaction with your brand

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