Billing of Cloud Services


Co-locate GP3 with your cloud services to deliver a comprehensive billing solution to manage your customers, monetise services and assure your revenue streams.

Globetom provides both green-field service providers and incumbent application providers wishing to leverage the cloud (public / private / hybrid) a unique and differentiated cloud billing solution.

The solution is multi-tenant and supports customer provisioning, subscription management and customer life-cycle management functions. This makes GP3 a one-stop billing solution for your cloud business.

Experience: Benefit from years of our billing experience in the Communications Service Provider market.

Prepaid and Postpaid:  Our GP3 platform is ready to support prepaid, postpaid and hybrid business models.

Scalability and Reliability:  GP3 is benchmarked to scale to thousands of charging events per second. This enables business models that require event and session-driven charging and billing activities.

Consistency: Consolidate your diverse services offered in the cloud on GP3 to ensure a consistent billing experience to your customers across business functions.


  • Allows you to monetise your services in the cloud
  • Allows you to focus on cloud service delivery and not solving billing problems
  • Allows you to go to market with innovative price offerings without billing platform inhibitors
  • Consolidated billing platform across all cloud service functions
  • Build single customer profiling across business silos and divisions
  • Guaranteed right-sizing and scale-out as your cloud service portfolio grows

Key Features

  • Customer provisioning and life-cycle management functions
  • Service and subscription management functions
  • Customer channel integration with web services
  • API’s and web services for billable event integration from cloud service applications
  • Scheduled business processes for subscription life-cycle management
  • On-board, multi-account and multi-currency account balance management
  • Sophisticated rating engine to support a variety of billing models
  • Comprehensive revenue assurance functions
  • Postpaid collection control functions with payment gateway abstraction

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