Bottom of Pyramid Applications


Globetom helps lean innovation initiatives to build Bottom of the Pyramid market solutions leveraging our core products and services.

The 4 billion poorest people in the world represent an important market coined as the Bottom of the Pyramid. Individually they don’t have much money but amongst them they are a very significant market.

Globetom’s prepaid and payment platform is ideally suited for customers wanting to develop solutions for this market.

Companies seeking to service the Bottom of the Pyramid face a series of unique challenges which include:

  • Finding low cost ways to deliver services
  • Overcoming distribution challenges
  • Scaling to meet very high volumes
  • Performing real-time micro-billing and revenue assurance
  • Continuously having to innovate and be agile

Khaya Power


  • GP3 offers the ability to scale to serve micro-commerce economies - charge for micro-services at price unit levels as low as $0.10 and share revenue across stakeholders in the value chain
  • Leverage cloud Integration Platform as a Service to build new micro-economies
  • Drive upliftment of impoverished communities with new and innovative technologies


Mobile Health Voucher
  Globetom assisted a client in builidng a Mobile Health Solution that provides affordable healthcare to the employed, uninsured market through a voucher. Vouchers are sold to Employers via a broker network, who in turn make vouchers available to staff on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis.  Similarly to a prepaid airtime voucher, employers pay for a voucher, the voucher pin is sent to preselected employer phones, which can then be presented to any doctor in a Doctor Network as payment.

Khaya Power

  Khaya Power is a franchised business opportunity for those in underserviced informal and rural communities to provide power to people with not access to AC power in their homes. The rechargeable Juz Box Power Pack is rented from a franchise by means of a pre-paid voucher scheme.  Vouchers are used to exchange a depleted Juz Box for a recharged unit. Franchises earn income by selling vouchers and earning recharge fees. Power Packs are recharged by the franchise from normal AC sources or from PV Solar Power Units. Additional accessories include clean cooking stoves, phone chargers and lights.

"If Multi National Corporations are to thrive in the 21st century, they must broaden their economic base and share it more widely. They must play a more active role in narrowing the gap between rich and poor. This cannot be achieved if these companies produce only so-called global products for consumption primarily by Tier 1 consumers. They must nurture local markets and cultures, leverage local solutions, and generate wealth at the lowest levels on the pyramid. Producing in, rather than extracting wealth from, these countries will be the guiding principle." - CK Prahalad and Stuart L Hart - The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid

bottom of pyramid

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