Dashboard as an Appliance


We help customers  manage and visualise data using agile technologies for rapid business insights.

Globetom offers a range of solutions for visualisation of business information that is critical to your business. This visualisation enables your business to build top-down, drill-through insights into your operations, finances or other business activities. We tailor the solution to your needs and the deployment can be in the public cloud or as an on-premise appliance or software installation.

Talk to Globetom if you are:

  • starting with Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation Initiatives
  • having difficulty managing a multitude of data sources required for business analytics
  • require data mapping and consolidation
  • require automated data collection feeds and processing
  • updating and deleting consolidated data in analytic databases
  • starting with diverse data sources (typically > 5)
  • wishing to extend dashboards to external customers

Technologies Used

  • Globetom WMF – read more
  • iDashboards
  • Infobright
  • Altova MapForce


  • Easy uploading and integration of data
  • Controlled data consolidation with validated ETL methods – ensures BI data quality
  • Single data source for fast analytical queries ensures consistent, acceptable user experience for business users and customers
  • Superior KPI and operational business information visualization
  • Delivery of visual data modelling and visualization tools thus reducing barrier to adoption
  • Governed ETL meaning that access to transactional/operational data sources is controlled
  • Leverage data mapping and consolidation to assist in big data derived insights from summarised data


  • Multiple, user-role-based dashboards
  • Drill-through capabilities
  • Reporting
  • Visually developed data mappings with Altova MapForce and SOA service enabling of data mapping services
  • Alerts for value threshold breaches
  • Analytics
  • Web-based access to dashboards
  • Range of dashboard options to suit your budget

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