Embedded Billing


Embed a total billing solution as part of your service delivery platform to manage your real-time rating, charging and collection requirements.

GP3 can be readily embedded through API integration to be deployed with your service delivery platforms and applications. This embedding creates a black box billing solution that generates transaction records that your customers can use for billing and revenue assurance purposes. APIs are available in Java, C++, .NET and PHP. Direct web service exposure can also be leveraged to deliver the embedded billing interfaces.

Experience: You can leverage our in-depth billing experience while focusing on your service delivery applications.

Recognised for innovation:  Globetom is listed by Markets and Markets as a leading innovator in the billing space. This recognition can be harnessed by embedding GP3 with your service delivery applications.

Online and Offline Charging:  Our GP3 platform is ready for embedded, real-time billing during service delivery processing typically associated with prepaid processing or offline charging for post-paid models.

Simplicity:  As GP3 runs on commodity hardware, it is easy to embed as part of your service delivery applications.

Application Service Appliance: GP3 embedded billing enhances your application offering by delivering it as an appliance inclusive of billing for services. This reduces time to market for your platform as service billing integration is simplified.

Portfolio: Visit our portfolio page for an example of application-level embedding of GP3.


  • Offer your service delivery  application ready for monetisation to your customers
  • Retain focus on your service delivery innovation while GP3 takes care of monetisation
  • Rating and Charging change agility is assured to your customers
  • Create innovative services through on-board balance management with multiple spend wallets per customer
  • Reduce time-to-market by eliminating custom billing integration complexities
  • Harness billing experience already gained in prepaid and postpaid markets with a proven platform

Key Features

  • Subscriber management
  • Balance management
  • Service rate plan administration
  • Real-time charging (online charging)
  • Revenue assurance functions
  • Plug-and-play business process modelling and orchestration to meet your embedding needs
  • Manage very simple to highly sophisticated service usage rate plans
  • Handle subscription, event and session-based charging scenarios
  • Support for online and offline charging

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