Enterprise Middleware


Our specialised middleware frees up funds for you to innovate.

GEF offers a complete middleware platform to implement message-integrated application components and horizontal systems integration in your enterprise.

By enabling service development in languages such as C++ (Linux, Unix), .NET, Java and PHP, GEF is programming language agnostic and platform agnostic. The product delivers cross-platform reach meaning that your organisation can benefit from Windows and UNIX (Linux) applications integrated using GEF.

Experience: GEF customers include Tier 1 Communication Service Provider, Airline and other industry vertical customers.

Scalability and Reliability:  GEF middleware can become part of your ESB ecosystem using the principles of ESB federation or alternatively can become your primary ESB platform. The adoption of GEF middleware can therefore start bottoms-up and scale out as the demand grows.

Cost effectiveness: Cost of middleware adoption is a significant barrier to many organisations, while middleware adoption to create an integrated enterprise is a business imperative for agility. With GEF middleware the cost obstacle is removed – we are proven to deliver at 10%-20% of the lifecycle costs of leading enterprise middleware platforms.

Portfolio: Visit our Portfolio page to see how customers are using and benefiting from GEF middleware.


  • Drastically reduced cost of ownership of middleware platform
  • Excellent governance of middleware operations
  • Engineered to run on commodity hardware and/or virtualised environments providing ease and cost-effectiveness of scale
  • Language agnostic development support to accommodate your developer preferences
  • Build a reusable task service repository and upgrade to GEF SOA for service orchestration. Read more
  • Proven scale to hundreds of millions of messages per day with ease

Key Features

  • Transaction Process Monitor
  • Enterprise Service Bus or Federated Service Bus participant in your enterprise
  • Message Oriented Middleware - persistent point-to-point and publish-and-subscriber message paradigm support
  • Service Containment - organise services in service domains
  • Business Activity Monitoring - SLA and KPI visualisation of middleware operations
  • Service Registry
  • Governance
  • Cloud Enablement by leveraging GEF SOA
"The enterprise service bus is often seen as the foundation for service-oriented architecture, but it can be a bloated and expensive solution to problems it was never intended to solve."

From Time to Get Off the Enterprise Service Bus - Gary Olliffe, Research Director, Gartner

With Globetom's GEF ESB, we offer a single platform solution to deliver ESB, SOA Application and Integration Platform to drive your business forward with service orientation.


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