Brokering and Fulfilment Solutions


Solutions based on Globetom’s IBF platform deliver business process modelling, orchestration and fulfilment services for market offer differentiation.

Globetom’s IBF platform is leveraged to deliver market differentiation to CSPs. This is achieved by delivering an intelligent brokering platform that orchestrates network resource and BSS systems integration for real-time fulfilment. This generic brokering capability, coupled with a comprehensive service offer catalogue function and business process modelling and orchestration renders a powerful platform for CSPs to meet and exceed time to market targets in a competitive environment.

Intelligence: Many brokering platforms (ESBs, SOA platforms) act as message and protocol mediation gateways only. Globetom’s BSS solution based on IBF delivers the ability to build reference data integration into the ESB for real-time integration into business processes.

Proven Scale: With a reference Tier 1 CSP using IBF solutions that performs up to 160 million business process executions daily and up to 47 billion business process orchestrations annually, the platform is proven to scale in the most demanding Tier 1 environments.

Agile: More often than not innovative market initiatives for differentiation are impeded by BSS platforms that typically deliver point solutions within TAM (what is this?). With IBF deployed in your BSS environment, these agility constraints are overcome with reference data management, business process modelling and orchestration using SOA.

Governance: The platform provides best in class SLA data that is reported in real-time and rolled up into 5-minute, hourly, daily, monthly and annual SLA data. This includes business process use case and technical error rates, latency (business process and service execution times) and many more.

Solution for Level 4 and 5 eTOM business processes: The TM Forum eTOM business process framework is layered as generic business processes at levels 1 to 3 of granularity at a OSS/BSS technology neutral level. IBF is an ideal platform to implement eTOM Level 4 and 5 technology specific business processes to achieve eTOM at the Service and Network Resource Integration layers.


  • Achieve market offer definition, fulfilment and life-cycle management agility
  • Achieve reuse of business processes across all customer-facing channels
  • Assure true horizontal scalability on commodity hardware platforms
  • Use a modern, SOA platform with proven scale to orchestrate BSS/OSS systems to deliver new services
  • Achieve a service asset base for reuse and to break down silos and system duplication
  • IBF, with  GEF underpinning it, is built for real-time business process orchestration to solve complex, real-time fulfilment business process orchestration and choreography challenges


  • IBF offers Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) market offer management with specialisation for prepaid market segment differentiation
  • With standardised web service integration (SOAP, RESTful web services), all your service delivery channels can be integrated to achieve business process reuse and BSS system abstraction
  • Business process modelling and orchestration for real-time business process execution
  • Oracle RDBMS (11g or later) reference data integration readiness
  • Web Service Consumption for standardised customer-facing access channel integration
  • Adapter framework for proprietary systems integration for responder and initiator adapter patterns
  • XML data presentation on service bus with real-time, high-speed XML document construction, manipulation and transformation
  • Certified for real-time business process execution with latencies of milliseconds depending on the depth of orchestration
STL Partners, in their research of Telco 2 and Digital Market Growth states  "The telecoms industry is hindered by legacy systems, rigid organisational structures and cultural issues: It is well known that the telecoms industry is hampered by legacy systems; systems that may have been originally deployed between 5-20 years ago are functionally limited. Coordinating across these legacy systems impedes a telco’s ability to innovate and customise product offerings or to obtain a complete view of customers. In addition to legacy system challenges, interview participants outlined a number of other key barriers to becoming more agile. Three principle barriers emerged:
  • Legacy systems
  • Mindset & culture
  • Organisational Structure & Internal Processes"
Globetom's IBF framework delivers a brokering platform with the ability to rapidly integrate systems, configure business processes and extend and access reference data to overcome legacy system master data management issues. Dealing with legacy systems in a Telco 2 world with declining traditional voice revenue is a reality. Establishing a real-time, scalable SOA platform is a business imperative.

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