Loyalty, BI and Customer Centricity


Globetom’s GP3 platform supports customer-centric initiatives with loyalty programs and business intelligence acting as key enablers.

Our solution is based on our enterprise application platform (GEF) which enables loyalty solution development with an integration platform approach. This integration platform approach enables our customers and partners to innovate with the backing of a sound technology platform and service provider to build differentiating loyalty programs. Our platform, therefore, counters the one-size-fits-all mould by allowing our loyalty consulting customers and enterprises to tailor customer centricity and loyalty initiatives to provide differentiation.

Our solution includes loyalty management, voucher management, campaign management, a rules and rewards engine, business intelligence, catalogue capability and comprehensive toolsets to improve understanding of customer behaviour as well as communication.

Proven Capability: Tier 1 Operators , Retailers and Marketers use Globetom’s solutions for Campaign Management, Voucher Management including third party voucher on-boarding, Loyalty, Communications and more.

Customizable: Globetom’s framework capability means we can tailor solutions to your specific requirements.

Agile:  React to market conditions quickly and stay ahead of the competition with quick turn-around times.

Cloud Ready:  Our loyalty solution is designed for multi-tenancy from the ground up and we can therefore onboard many clients on a single platform deployment without compromising data security and privacy.

Portfolio: Visit our Portfolio page to see how customers are using our Loyalty, BI and Customer Centric Solutions


  • Leverage proven systems integration expertise to drive coalition programs
  • Integration Platform, Business Process Modelling and Orchestration underpinning means that the platform is ready for enterprise application integration, e.g. CRM integration
  • Manage multiple customer programs from a single platform
  • Framework with off-the-shelf functionality but customisable means that you are not restricted in your program design
  • Unified program event journalling means that business intelligence could be gleaned from a simplified data source
  • Multiple customers and product portfolios can share from the same loyalty benefit pool

Key Features

  • Manage multiple customer programs in the cloud on a single deployment
  • Web Service integration interfaces for enterprise-integration readiness
  • CRM integration readiness, e.g. Siebel CRM integration
  • Member Management
  • Voucher Management including own batch generation and partner voucher on-boarding
  • Campaign Management
  • Policy and Rules Engine driving dynamic reward behaviour
  • Multi-currency, on-board Balance Management
  • Rewards Assurance and Audit Trails
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Catalogue Capability
  • Survey Capability with Surveymonkey including automated results processing
  • Communication module for emailing, messaging, profiling and campaign management
  • Web Based portal for  Operation, Administration and Management
  • API’s and Interfaces
  • Real-time or batch event processing for customer interaction rewards processing
  • Multitenancy
  • SOA Integration and Extension Framework

Seven key principles to Customer Centric Organisations

  • Adopting an outside-in, solutions orientation approach
  • Gain a deep understanding of the customer across the lifecycle
  • Empowerment at the point of customer interaction
  • Creating cross-company consistency
  • Delivery of efficient, tailored business processes
  • Creating transparency
  • Making data-driven decisions
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