Prepaid Management and Distribution


A one-stop solution for the complete operation of electronic prepaid distribution, payment and top-up operations for Communications Service Providers and Wholesale Distributors.

With decreasing Average Revenue per User (ARPU) the reduction of costs of distribution and increased distribution efficiencies have become a crucial KPI for CSPs and their distribution partners. Globetom’s GP3 prepaid and payment distribution solution offers a one-stop platform to take care of the entire distribution chain from core voucher operations and pinless top-ups through to retail outlet and distribution device management.

GP3 offers CSPs the ability to consolidate their prepaid distribution operations onto a centralized platform that enables CSPs and their distribution network to rapidly convert scratch-card distribution to a secure electronic channel. In addition, distributors gain the ability to offer products in a prepaid model and create an electronic distribution channel.

Experience: Globetom’s Prepaid Platform is active in New Zealand, Zambia, Qatar, Lesotho and Nigeria and generates over 3 million transaction journal entries per month in Zambia alone.

Carrier Grade:  Tested in highly demanding environments and proven as a public cloud solution for co-location of country operations of multi-nationals as well as distribution operations for wholesalers operating in multiple geograpical locations.

Agile: Accommodate new service providers, create new voucher types or change rate plans for distributor commission earnings rapidly.

Portfolio: Visit our Portfolio page to see how customers are using our Prepaid Management and Distribution Platform.


  • Extensive Telecommunications and Prepaid Experience
  • Card Payment Solutions with ISO8583 integration
  • Mobile Money Transfers and Mobile Money Integration
  • Delivery of prepaid payment distribution in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) commercial model
  • Fast turnaround times to offer new products (voucher denominations / new service providers) over an electronic distribution network
  • Implementation of revenue assurance rate plans including retail outlet commissions and partner fees


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Starter information pack for GP3 for prepaid and payment distribution management...


  • CSPs and wholesale distributors benefit from reduced fraud and theft of physical vouchers distributed
  • Reduce input cost of distribution through a sophisticated electronic channel that you control
  • Eliminate risk of running out of stock at points of distribution
  • Wholesale Distributors can expand distribution portfolio with ease, e.g. add prepaid electricity
  • Reach rural distribution locations with reduced travel requirements
  • Uplift informal trader income with sales commission earnings
  • Expand distributed product portfolio from a central system without any re-programming of point of sale devices
  • Fast turn-around times to add new products and services
  • Revenue assurance reporting for all stakeholders in the value chain
  • Single point of management and reporting over the entire distribution channel
  • Gain unparalleled insight into retail network performance
  • Underpinning GEF platform makes service provider integration for new services easy and standardised
  • Wholesale distributors and CSPs are placed in a better position to partner with complimentary service providers

Key Features

  • Carrier-grade, multi-tenant, cloud-ready platform
  • Supports Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD)
  • Comprehensive Wholesale Distribution Management (Manage a distribution network from wholesale distributors through to retail outlets and street vendors)
  • Retail Outlet Network Management
  • Centralised Device Management with immediate activation and suspension
  • Stock Management
  • Comprehensive, user-role controlled reporting and dashboards
  • Comprehensive Revenue Assurance for all role players
  • Payment Control Management for post-paid distribution operational models
  • Operation, Administration and Management (OA&M)
  • Comprehensive Security with 3DES and PKI secured communication from point of distribution to platform
  • Point of Sale Devices - Mobile POS as well as BYOD with an Android App with bluetooth printer capability
  • Loyalty and Customer Retention Module
  • Distribute various products and services (Airtime, Pay-TV, Prepaid Electricity etc.)
  • Create dynamic, on-demand promotional voucher batches
  • PIN-less/Virtual Top-Up support for CSPs
  • Support for bill payments
  • Public cloud accounting integration with QuickBooks
  • Support for real-time IN integration enabling real-time subscriber balance top-up

 "For MNOs to stay ahead of market changes, as their margins are being put under pressure, they require efficient and affordable prepaid distribution channels and should be looking to consolidate their wholesale distribution channels." Philip Stander, Globetom.

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