SOA Application Platform


Build, deploy and manage business processes and services in the cloud with ease of scale.

GEF delivers an effective, horizontally scalable SOA platform that can be used as the foundation for application development for internal SOA compliance through to exposure of services in the cloud.
Globetom’s GEF framework provides a market competitive SOA application platform catalysing SOA adoption in your enterprise.

The key business benefits include agile service delivery within your enterprise as well as the advantage of taking services to the cloud for global reach.

Experience: Globetom’s SOA platform is used in demanding, mission-critical business environments and processes billions of business process executions per annum.

Scalability and Reliability:  Unlike most enterprise SOA application platforms, GEF SOA can scale from small start-up deployments through to switching  thousands of business process executions per second.

Agile: SOA is the next paradigm in Software Engineering as a natural paradigm to support leveraging and/or delivering cloud services. If your business has not made this transition, this is the time to start, as effective SOA adoption will transform your IT department into a strategic asset that can deliver on the agility promise.

Portfolio: Visit our Portfolio page to see how customers are using and benefiting from GEF SOA.


  • Reducing costs by encouraging service reuse
  • Agility by structuring business solutions based on a set of business and IT services
  • Increasing competitive advantage by leveraging existing business capabilities in new and innovative ways using a set of loosely coupled services
  • Time-to-Market is reduced through increased existing service reuse in new service development
  • Consolidation through service reuse across divisions which results in silo technology duplication reduction and elimination
  • Alignment between IT practitioners and Business Analysts is vastly improved as a result of a commonly understood service repository

Key Features

  • Business Process Modelling and Orchestration (with specialised focus on solving complex Systems Integration problems)
  • Service Bus for Enterprise Interoperability (ESB Federation)
  • Message Oriented Middleware
  • Service Containment
  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Service Registry
  • Governance
  • eXtreme Transaction Processing / Web-scale IT
"There is nothing at all revolutionary about cloud computing." "It is just about the architecture, and it has always been about the architecture. Cloud computing simply provides those who do SOA - and enterprise architecture - with some cost effective and innovative architectural options" David Linthicum, Cloud Computing and SOA Convergence in Your Enterprise - A Step-by-Step Guide, page 35   At Globetom we believe that SOA adoption will be fuelled by massive cloud service adoption where organisation’s CIOs will have to respond to disruptive market forces by integrating with cloud service vendors to deliver new services. This can be coined as the “consumer agility challenge”. In order to meet this challenge, SOA will be needed to use Business Process Management (BPM) and rapid systems integration capabilities to meet this demand.  

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