Subscription Billing


Globetom helps organisations manage their subscription business models with customer management, service subscription, billing, collections and revenue assurance solutions.

Register your customers that purchase your subscription-based service offering on GP3 and manage your entire customer subscription life-cycle on the platform. Manage service offerings with catalogue functions to make subscription-based offers available for online purchase to your customers. Manage multiple service subscriptions for your customer base and allow customers to use a diverse subscription service portfolio offered as a result of your incremental service innovation.

Collections and service provider revenue earnings can be managed by the platform with unparalleled transaction journalling and revenue assurance audit trails. The platform supports policy-based service usage metering and depletion of subscription benefits. This enables the implementation of usage-based subscriptions. Customer payment and collection cycles can be tailored to meet the requirements of individual subscription offers.

Prepaid and Postpaid:  Our GP3 platform is ready to support prepaid, postpaid and hybrid subscription business models.

Scalability and Reliability:  GP3 is benchmarked to host millions of customers, meaning that the platform is ready for micro-charge subscriptions through to high-end, niche service subscriptions.

Differentiation: Many subscription business models fail owing to platform cost of ownership, collection and settlement charges especially as subscription service providers move down the value chain towards micro-fee subscriptions. The Globetom offering abstracts the payment and collection service provider functionality and implements this as part of solution delivery to allow you to innovate in this space to render viable business cases within your subscription business models. Examples include mobile money integration and collection through airtime credit in prepaid markets.

Portfolio: Visit our Portfolio page to see how customers are using dynamic rating and charging the cloud.



  • Remove platform barriers to enter or mature a subscription economy service offering
  • Reward your customers with built-in programs based on successful subscription collections, service portfolio and usage behaviour
  • Drive revenue generation through highly customisable policies and tariff plans
  • Accurate revenue assurance records and journalling keeps you in total control of your subscription revenue
  • Collection instruction generation and collection processing abstraction means that you can switch to different payment gateway providers with ease
  • Real-time, online statement generation means that your customers experience transparency over your subscription service offering which builds trust

 Key Features

  • Multiple subscription and service management per customer
  • Built-in catalogue to present subscription offers
  • Create simple to sophisticated price plans
  • Bill once-off fees, recurring amounts, set-up fees, and annual fees
  • Multi-tenant platform to onboard customers under different organisation entities
  • Usage Counters – for managing out-of-subscription band usage or to reward customers for high usage
  • On-board account balance management
  • Payment control management function
  • Real-time customer transaction journals
  • Variety of API’s for integration
  • Business Process Orchestration for Integration into customer’s enterprise
  • Manage time-based subscriptions with business process based renewal alerts sent to subscribers
  • Per customer type and/or subscriber preferred payment cycle support
  • Configure reports and dashboards
  • Export detailed charging records to third party tools such as CRM and Data warehouses
  • Multi currency support
  • Set-up role based access to platform by multiple user groups
  • Automate communication to clients via email or SMS
"The shift from product-centric commerce to experience- and service-centric commerce is driving demand for subscription billing and payment solutions," said Christine Dover, research vice president for Enterprise Applications and Digital Commerce with IDC. "Many companies, wondering where the next big thing is coming from and who don't want to sit back and watch someone else "Uberize" their business, are looking to subscription-based models to transform. And it's not just software and digital media companies, we're seeing farm equipment, cargo shipping, financial services, and more all moving to subscriptions." - Source:  IDC: Worldwide Subscription Billing and Payment Software Forecast, 2015–2019

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