Customer Experience Management

Driving competitive advantage with the customer at the center

1. Customer

Ability to continuously drive personalised customer engagement through improved data quality contact-ability and deep understanding.

2. Ecosystems

Enable platform-based real-time engagement through marketplaces and value hubs driving extended value to customers and profitability.

3. Customer experience

Enable an omni-channel integrated experience to the customer.

4. Empower front-line staff

Customer-servicing and sales staff having access to real-time customer information, offers and insights driving SoW, cross sell and personalised service.

5. Real-time decision making

Real-time personalised offers integrated with personalised customer experience driving profitability and brand connection.

We integrate customer UX capabilities across channels with engagement platforms and API solutions
leveraging IoT technologies

Our real-time customer
intelligence platform

Globetom’s leading real-time customer intelligence platform enables marketers to personalise offers and engagements at scale and in the moment.


This leads to maximised digital marketing results, thereby building new and enhancing existing customer relationships.


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