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We create innovative business solutions

We develop products and solutions that help businesses build, deploy and monetise services in the cloud.

Our key market offerings include Enterprise Middleware, a SOA Application Platform, Prepaid Management and Distribution, Billing, Loyalty, Customer Centricity and Business Intelligence.


Globetom has a singular focus of delivering platform and solution innovations based on its own technology stacks to service customers and partners with agility.

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Globetom’s roots lie in the Telecommunications space where we have been supplying mission-critical software development and support services to leading Operators since 2002.


Areas of experience include service delivery platform development, network resource integration, real-time charging and balance management, and Value Added Service (VAS) delivery.

This delivery track record has enabled Globetom to build and foster a culture of service delivery excellence in business critical application environments.


It has also allowed Globetom to hone its skills in the delivery of real-time transaction processing platforms in the areas of Fulfilment, Assurance and Billing which have all been cloud enabled.

These foundational platforms operate in the cloud to deliver services under Platform as a Service business models.


Globetom thus offers a number of market offerings as cloud services which in-turn has allowed Globetom to branch into other horizontal markets such as Wholesale Electronic Distribution, Sports and Leisure and Healthcare.

We offer a number of market offerings as cloud services

Vision and Mission

Our technology creating an integrated world, resulting in unlocking opportunity for all.


Globetom’s vision is to build sustainable software technology solutions that contribute to building an increasingly integrated world that not only provides solutions to the privileged, but as a key vision to provide access to technology that is inclusive and that helps to elevate people from the Bottom of the Pyramid in terms of income to foster growth and sustainability.

We create innovative business solutions based on our own technology platforms to service our customers with agility.


Globetom strives to build innovative software solutions that leverage one or more of our own technology platforms. This leveraging creates an agile innovation environment which enables us to respond to changing customer needs rapidly. We are therefore prepared to respond to changing market forces in our own structuring but can also assist our customers to be agile and responsive to changing market forces. Our mission is not only to innovate but to create value innovation.

An Innovative Approach

Globetom recognises the need to balance innovation between discontinuous, platform and incremental innovation.

Platform Innovation

Globetom perceives its primary innovation as one of platform innovation where its platforms can be leveraged for discontinuous and/or incremental innovation.

Discontinuous Innovation

Globetom shifts markets or creates new markets.

Incremental Innovation

Globetom is receptive to learning from our customers as a pivotal element of our organisational growth.

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