TM Forum

Globetom and TM Forum

Globetom has been a member of the TM Forum since inception and has used TM Forum Framework and Models in the building of our solutions.

TM Forum is the global industry association which drives industry collaboration and collective problem-solving to maximise the business success of communication and digital service providers and their ecosystem of suppliers around the world.

Globetom has been participating actively in Standards Contribution and Catalyst (Proof of Concept) Projects since 2016.

Globetom has won four awards from the TM Forum

Loyalty Management API


Outstanding Contribution 2017

Globetom developed the TM Forum Loyalty Management API as part of its ongoing program for communications industry standardisation through RESTful Web Service APIs.


The Loyalty Management API aims to standardise systems integration to Loyalty Management platforms to enable rapid onboarding of subscriber interaction events originating from various telecommunications provider systems for processing.


The API enables centralised loyalty program metadata management that includes definitions of loyalty program policies. It also assists in defining and standardising the customer benefits that are triggered in response to events.


These benefits could include points awards, another business interaction like a coalition partner integration as well as the placement of a customer order.

The Phygital Store


Outstanding Use of TM Forum Assets 2018

The Phygital Store was championed by Orange included the catalyst participants Globetom, QualyCloud, BearingPoint and NTS Retail.


This Catalyst blended the physical and digital interactions customers have with service providers into ‘phygital’ experiences.


The aim was to improve customer experience in stores and online and reinvent the customer relationship using gamification, robots, artificial intelligence, the EU’s GDPR compliance, a personalised loyalty program and automation.


This is very relevant to ACSA and their in-store vs on-line sales of merchandise and duty-free items.

A Smart City Enabling Digital Platform


Connected Citizens

The proof of concept project was championed by NTT Group, Orange, the City of Nice and the City of Saint Quentin included the catalyst participants Globetom, ForgeRock, BearingPoint, Infosim and Civimetrix Telecom.


This Catalyst developed a cloud-based platform, or data hub, for smart cities that used TM Forum Open APIs and software-defined networking, supported distributed ledger technology like blockchain and provided an IoT gateway and identity and access management.


It enabled new business models supporting the TM Forum’s Smart City Manifesto and provided the digital capability for services that deliver cleaner, safer, more adaptive and efficient city environments for citizens, enterprises and visitors (

Business Operating System (BOS)


Best New Catalyst Project 2019

An implementation of ODA (Open Digital Architecture) Core Commerce Management. The proof of concept project was championed by Orange and Vodafone with Globetom, Signa and Sigscale as participants.


Globetom showcased the use of its implementation of the TMF 620 Product Catalog Management API and the integration of the API and integration with other catalog vendors’ implementations to create a federated master catalog.

Globetom – TM Forum Application Map

Globetom solutions in relation to the eTOM Framework from TM Forum