Our customers in the aviation industry

Our customers in the aviation industry

We develop specialised solutions in the global aviation sector

Big Data Solutions
for Aviation

Real-time decisioning by providing an end-to-end Information as a Service integrating various sources of data

Anything as a Service for
Business Intelligence Enablement

Streamlining time-to-market through adoption of international TM Forum standard APIs

Explore our use cases in the aviation sector below:

Use Case:

Partnership with Radixx/Sabre International providing Business Intelligence to Low Cost Carriers across the globe

Enabling seamless near real-time integration from reservation platforms, industry data sources and customer engagement platform triggered events driving holistic decisioning and insights

Unique Globetom

Citizen Integrator / Citizen Data Scientist Platform – ETL and Data Integration Hub

Key iPaaS Capabilities

Application and Data Connectors


Data Quality


Event Stream Processing


File Transfer / Movement


Routing and Orchestration

Value Innovation

Enable cost-effective, near real-time decision making for Airlines with Cloud-based BI and Analytics – leveraging Orcha Multi-tenancy


Enable integration of the destination journey at time of booking with real-time, personalised Customer Value Propositions aided in customer data

Platform for real-time continuous intelligence

Instant availability

Gain access to an Enterprise Data Warehouse with Radixx Res™ data integrated in a very short time.

Cloud based

Enterprise class secure, cloud-based data warehouse accessible to all authorized users controlled with the SSO security.

Rich out of the box functionality

Gain instant access to over 70 reports, 20 pre-built dashboards, extract builder, scheduler, time metric serialiser for KPI metrics and many more out-of-the-box functions.

Extensibility for differentiating intelligence

A platform for differentiation that can be used to extend your data access and integration reach continuously to drive enhanced operational and strategic intelligence.

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