Billing on Cloud

Easily support multiple monetisation models as a tenant on our cloud billing platform

A white labelled cloud billing solution

Ideal for enterprise customers and industry vertical specialists wishing to offer billing on cloud.

With Revenue Weaver’s multi-tenant design from the ground up businesses can safely on-board customers as tenants on the platform and each of these tenants can manage their customer base, service subscriptions and rating and charging in isolation on a single platform deployment.

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Billing on cloud

Enter the fast growing billing on cloud market.


Help your customers grow their digital economy.


Enable your business to offer billing services on cloud.

Break down barriers

Break down billing platform cost barriers for your end customers.


Deliver on rating, charging and billing agility.

Supports prepaid, postpaid and hybrid business models

The platform provides multi-service, multi-currency on-board balance management for both prepaid and postpaid business models.

Revenue Weaver is benchmarked to scale to thousands of charging events per second. This enables business models that require event and session-driven charging and billing activities.


The multi-tenant design from the ground up means that you can onboard many of your own Billing on Cloud customers on a single platform. This creates economy of scale to enable cost-effective customer billing solutions in the cloud.


Customer management

Balance management

Service rate plan administration

Real-time charging (online charging)

Handle subscription, session and event based charging scenarios

Handle prepaid, postpaid and hybrid customer engagement models

Support for online (real-time), offline and batch charging models

Comprehensive revenue assurance functions with online and archive data stores

Supports onboard, multi-currency accounts as well as external balance managers

Support for cloud accounting system integration

Payment control functions to control customer collection and partner payout cycles

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