Our Platforms

Technology platforms to service our customers with agility

Our Globetom platform range

Innovate, build, deploy and manage services to expand your market globally

A platform to provide differentiation in the telecommunications sector

A rich web and mobile application development framework

An effective and reliable way of communicating with your customers

The one-stop solution for revenue management for digital markets

We provide turnkey business enablement while driving cost efficiencies

We specialise in real-time processing at scale providing cloud-ready end-to-end integration platform services.


We leverage APIs and related process capital, enabling us to infuse business agility and innovation into your digital transformation agenda.

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Our digital enablement
platform stack

Our digital enablement platform stack integrates Omnichannel UX capabilities with Digital CVP Fulfillment and Transactional Processing through state-of-the-art Integration Platform Services.


Our comprehensive product set is fully integrated to provide seamless upscale and deployment capabilities.

Globetom Platform Mapping to Gartner Defined Markets

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

iPaaS is evolving from simple cloud integration technology to comprehensive integration suites, resulting in many traditional integration vendors moving from their older integration software model to the new iPaaS operating model.


As a result, this transition accelerates the decline in the older integration software categories — such as application integration suites, managed file transfer (MFT) and B2B gateway — and helps continue to feed the exceptional growth of the iPaaS market for many years to come.

Service Orchestration and Automation Platform

SOAPs remain an evolving market, representing the transformation of a mature market for workload automation tools to meet modern infrastructure, application and data requirements. SOAPs represent the evolution of workload automation tools that aim to manage and automate a complete business process.


These tools embrace the expansion from foundational, time-based scheduling to event-based workflow orchestration, thus making them better-suited to support real-time, data-processing needs.

Low-code Application Platform

A low-code application platform (LCAP) is used to rapidly develop and deploy custom applications by abstracting and minimizing hand coding.


At a minimum, an LCAP must include low-code capabilities(such as a model-driven or graphical programming approach with scripting) to develop a complete application consisting of user interfaces, business logic, workflow and data services.

Communication Platform as a Service

Business units need to improve operational efficiency and customer experience digitally.


Software engineering leaders should embrace CPaaS to embed SMS, application to person, voice and emerging CPaaS (like advanced messaging, video, enhanced security and digital payments) into applications.

CSP/DSP Revenue Management and Monetisation Solutions

Besides modernisation of revenue management solutions, CSPs need to add additional monetisation capabilities across market segments.


CIOs at CSPs who are modernising or transforming their BSS or revenue management can use this research to hone sourcing strategies targeting desired outcomes.

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What makes us unique

Processing at scale with precision

Our platforms have been proven in the most demanding environments to handle real-time, complex integration orchestration with ease and at low cost of scale and exceptionally high precision.

Industry specialisation

We have years of telecommunication and aviation business process, design and technical enablement experience and know-how which has been augmented by participation in international standard setting and innovation in these industries.

Master Data Management

Our Integration Platform Services enable the integration of master data and specifically customer data across customer Experience Layers, CVP Fulfilment and Transactional Processing as a foundational capability.

Proven low latency

Transaction processing overheads are minimal as a result of a highly-optimised and precision-engineered platform that enables transaction processing in milliseconds at scale.

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