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We provide global companies with agility and speed to market at scale

About Us

Globetom provides global companies with agility and speed to market at scale by developing highly engineered cloud-ready technology which leverages APIs and related process capital, resulting in bespoke solutions for real-time integration.

Globetom was established in 2002 in South Africa and has since developed specialised solutions in the aviation and telecommunication sectors globally.


Globetom has a presence in the following markets: USA, UAE, New Zealand, UK, Zambia, Lesotho, Japan, Canada and South Africa.

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We are an international business specialising in real-time processing at scale.


Processing over 650 billion messages annually
Processing over 8 million
prepaid and payment transactions in the cloud per annum
Track record of exceptional
up-time  – 99.99% at scale
Track record of very short
time to market – from 2-week delivery cycles

We are leaders in the field of scientific real-time integrated technology platform development

Innovation in the SOC domain

Spearheading standard development in international forums (TM Forum)

Speed to market

Precision in execution at scale

Scalability of solutions

Cost efficiencies

Our Clients

We have developed longstanding client relationships grounded in value creation.

Companies and organisations we have worked with:

Our Clients

We have developed longstanding client relationships grounded in value creation.

Companies and organisations we have worked with:

Our History

2002 → 2009


Becoming the dominant integration platform provider for Tier 1 Telcos in South Africa


In these first seven years we gained prominence in the telecommunications sector in South Africa.

2010 → 2016


Diversification of services and
entering international and aviation markets


We then expanded internationally and also into the aviation sector providing integrated platform services coupled with prepaid distribution and loyalty program services.

2017 → to date


International market penetration and advancement towards cloud-ready technology


Since 2017 we have invested strategically into real-time hybrid integration platforms enabling deeper penetration into telco and aviation markets internationally. We also moved towards cloud services and reuse of API and related processes.

Digital transformation at scale enabled by Integration Platform Services

Our Integration Platform Services enables Hybrid processing which leverages advanced API platform strategies, technology and cloud computing, while seamlessly integrating omnichannel and IoT digital front-ends.


The platform stack enables CVP Fulfilment across channels and legacy systems and advanced Transactional Processing capabilities.


The Integration Platform Services further provides for Master Data Management and real-time data analytics enabling new-age “ïn-the-moment” personalisation.

What we stand for

Our Vision

Our technology creating an integrated world, resulting in unlocking opportunity for all.

Our Mission

We create innovative business solutions based on our own technology platforms to service our customers with agility. These solutions enable responsiveness to rapidly changing market forces. We reduce risk through the delivery of quality solutions that grow with our customer’s business while continuously adding value.

Our Values

We value Collaboration, Integrity, Agility, Innovation and Commitment


Integration platform as a service covering Experience, Process and System layers with platform solutions covering Omnichannel UX Integration, CVP Fulfilment and Transactional Processing platforms.

Enabling Strategic Agility in a Digital Product Leadership Era through continuous platform innovation

Where innovation, speed to market, business agility and end-customer focus are top priorities, we recognise the need to balance innovation between discontinuous, platform and incremental innovation.

Platform Innovation

We perceive our primary innovation as one of platform innovation where our platforms can be leveraged for discontinuous and/or incremental innovation.

Discontinuous Innovation

We shift markets or create new markets.

Incremental Innovation

We continuously apply learning as a pivotal element in value creation for our customers and our internal capabilities.


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