Introducing the Citizen Integrator

The Citizen Integrator has a specific business need to integrate diverse applications and data for specific business processing and decisioning requirements.


The use of self-service and configurable pre-packaged integration tools that interact with disparate and diverse applications, data stores and cloud services is a critical capability.


Citizen Integrators consume and configure cloud-based integration flows (cloudstreams), as well as integrating diverse and distributed data sources to experiment and build data models for forecasting and decision-making.

Citizen Integrators are within every division of the organization,
driving Digital Transformation

Critical Citizen Integrator business needs to access and analyze data enabling:

Targeted sales and marketing campaigns

Understanding customer behavior

Holistic risk management and reporting

Data-led insights and decisioning

Supply chain management

Enterprise data enablement

Revenue and Cost assurance

And many more…

ORCHA iPaaS turnkey proposition
for Citizen Integrators

A comprehensive, integrated toolset that promotes and enables Data Literacy across the business

Providing Anything as a Service

XaaS Stack in the Cloud

ORCHA delivers a comprehensive, secure, cloud-native platform

Process as a Service

Manage OOTB and your custom processes using the ORCHA process modeler.

Integration as a Service

Leverage RESTful Web Services and other integration techniques to introduce new data sources into the Data Warehouse.

Database as a Service

ORCHA manages best-of-breed data warehouse technology to optimize information and analytics needs.

Application as a Service

Seamlessly integrate other enterprise business applications within ORCHA, further expanding data warehouse boundaries.

Make Globetom your trusted value partner

Cost savings of 49-60% when compared to other major industry providers

Enables scalability, extensibility and precision processing

Unlike other offers, ORCHA packages IPaaS, BI, DWH and an Enterprise Information Portal in one solution

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