Integration Solutions

Globetom provides a full range of integration services, tailored to your specific business needs

Citizen Integrator,
Data Scientist
or Commercial Head

Integrate data from diverse sources

Digital Product

Enable digital front-ends and IoT


Launch products and features as a product manager

Enterprise Integration

Integrate your data and processes across the enterprise

We have bespoke scalable tools and know-how to assist you with your specific need.

We enable a connected world through advanced API strategies and platforms, leveraging world best-practice.

What makes us unique

Processing at scale and precision

Our platforms have been proven in the most demanding environments to handle real-time, complex integration orchestration with ease and at low cost of scale and exceptionally high precision.

Industry specialisation

We have years of telecommunication and aviation business process, design and technical enablement experience and know-how which has been augmented by participation in international standard setting and innovation in these industries.

Master Data Management

Our Integration Platform Services enables the integration of master data and specifically customer data across customer experience layers, CVP fulfillment and transactional processing as a foundational capability.

Proven low latency

Transaction processing overheads are minimal as a result of a highly-optimised and precision-engineered platform that enables transaction processing in milliseconds at scale.

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A next-generation cloud-ready platform providing seamless integration of digital channels with legacy systems through advanced API enablement – enabling digital service economies

Innovate, build, deploy and manage services to expand your market globally

Our platform already switches more than 650 billion messages per annum across multiple industry verticals.


Scalable from small to large size companies; Our collective solution portfolio includes hundreds of business processes deployed for our customers.


Agility through execution of configurable business processes (microservices). Facilitate rapid restructuring and reconfiguration of business processes and solutions that consume them.

Integration Platform services

Experience Integration Layer

Enables omnichannel integration through advanced APl platform enablement resulting in a consistent, personalised user experience and IoT enablement.

Process Integration Layer

APIs and underlying integration processes to deliver unique process capital and workflows by leveraging systems of record in unique ways.

System Integration Layer

Seamless integration to legacy systems, creating API abstraction of Systems of Records and Cloud platform services to create hybrid cloud ecosystems.

Our 16-year journey refining our world-class
Integration Platform Services offering



Developed Orcha as a Telco-scale Service Oriented Computing platform that leveraged service-orientation for a Tier 1 GSM Operator where ease of scale and low latency was pivotal.



Expanded the Orcha platform to reach extreme scale without the complexities typically associated with Enterprise Application Integration platform scale.

Market expansion
with ESB
and SOA


Deployment in mission-critical data centers to replace mainstream middleware platforms with significant cost of operation reductions and improved agility and scaling simplicity.

Cloud readiness


Development of Orcha as a Cloud iPaaS offering with a RESTful Web Service API approach and deep specialisation in TM Forum Open APIs for the Telco and Digital Service Provider Markets.

Global market
expansion of
iPaaS offering


Mass-scale RESTful API adoption and Orcha rollout for Digital Integration Hub enablement.

Our Real-time Integration Platform

Globetom Orcha is a next-generation application server and integration platform in the Service Oriented Computing, XTPP and Web-scale IT paradigms.

Delivers on the SOC Promise

Orcha delivers on the Service Oriented Computing (SOC) benefits of agility, reuse, consolidation, low- to no-code involved to build new services, microservice architecture, horizontal scale and many more.

Proven Technology

Orcha switches more than 650 billion middleware messages per annum across multiple industry verticals. Our collective solution portfolio includes hundreds of business processes deployed for our customers.

Web-Scale IT

Orcha supports horizontal scalability. Our customers can start with a small, commoditised hardware footprint with the knowledge of linear hardware and infrastructure cost of scaling and no surprises once mass-scale service delivery is required.

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