Digital Markets

Our customers in the digital markets industry

Our customers in the digital markets industry

Companies operate in the connected economy


Hybrid Integration Platform – HIP


HIP handles the increase in volume, velocity and variety of information needed for your business. It also improves the speed and visibility of trading partner (B2B) interactions, and enables near real-time intelligence to improve business processes and decisioning, reducing operational costs.

Opportunity for Agility

Businesses have diverse integration requirements with new technologies like cloud services, mobile applications and social media while accommodating for on-premise legacy applications.


By 2022, at least 65% of large organisations will have implemented a hybrid integration platform (Gartner 2018, ID G00350671)

Solutions for Digital Transformation

Master Data Management

Real time transactional processing at scale

Digital Integration

Enabling agility in products and feature launches

Explore our use cases in the digital markets sector below:

Use Case 1:

e-Commerce Mobile Money payment integration and fulfilment enabled at iPay4All UAE

Integration of mobile money and digital wallets as payment mechanism on e-commerce platforms and enable shipment and tracking

Unique Globetom

Digital Ecosystem Integration and Management


API-led Integration Ecosystems with low to no code

Key iPaaS Capabilities

Orcha-enabled REST APIs (API + HIP)


Data Connectors for access to master and meta data at scale


Routing and Orchestration to multiple Mobile Money Service Providers


Data Standards – industry standard canonical data model for Shipment Tracking

Value Innovation

Enable mainstream Digital Service Providers with access over 500 million Mobile Money Account holders in Africa and a > $40BN / annum market


Aid Digital Inclusion by providing access to Digital Services to population outside of the traditional banking sector

Use Case 2:

Distribution of prepaid services – Spark New Zealand and various African Wholesale Distributors

Tier 1 Telco in New Zealand

Enabling the commercial wholesale of prepaid services to distributed agents and POS solutions

Unique Globetom

Digital Ecosystem Integration and Management

Key iPaaS Capabilities

Application and Data Connectors


Protocol Mapping


Routing and Orchestration


Data Mapping and Transformation


API Policy Management and Enforcement

Value Innovation

Connect thousands of retailers and service providers by making CVP offers available in the form of dynamic catalog across multiple electronic sales channels


Deliver Revenue Assurance to all stakeholders in the electronic distribution ecosystem

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