Transactional Processing Solutions

We enable Real-time Transactional Processing at scale


Real-time payments

Mobile wallets

Shipping and tracking

Revenue Management

Subscription billing

Revenue assurance

Monetised models leveraging cloud computing

Loyalty Programs and Voucher Management

Payment resource solutions


Enablement of payments, mobile wallets, shipping and tracking globally

Revenue Management

Subscription Billing

Create new subscription revenue opportunities and let us take care of your revenue operations.

Billing on Cloud

We set you up as a tenant on our cloud billing platform and help you set up your rate plans and charging models.

Billing of Cloud Services

We help you monetise your cloud services with real-time event and session-based charging models.

Embedded Billing

Embed Globetom Revenue Weaver as part of your Digital Service platforms to manage rating, charging and billing.

Loyalty Programs and Voucher Management

Enabling the full customer journey

Our solution is based on our enterprise application platform Globetom Revenue Weaver and Orcha, which enables loyalty solution development with an integration platform approach. This approach enables our customers and partners to innovate with the backing of a sound technology platform and service provider to build differentiating loyalty programs.


Our platform, therefore, counters the one-size-fits-all mould by allowing our loyalty consulting customers and enterprises to tailor customer centricity and loyalty initiatives to provide differentiation.

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A one-stop solution for transactional processing and payments in digital markets

Our Transactional Processing Platform enables billing and payment processing across e-commerce platforms at scale with associated security and authentication capabilities.


The platform enables advanced digital wallet processing, financial payments, billing and prepaid distribution with the associated reconciliation and revenue accounting.


Wallet Enablement

Fully scaled digital wallet enablement supporting cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Prepaid Distribution

Enable commercialised distribution and sales (dealership networks) of prepaid services across multiple channels

Revenue Assurance

Advanced revenue assurance platform enabled by real-time event and session-based charging models

Digital Payments

Enabling full-  and part payments from mobile wallets on ecommerce platforms

Our Platform for Bespoke Application Monetisation

Globetom Revenue Weaver is an award winning revenue management and transaction fulfilment platform.

Highly Scalable

Scale from single to thousands of transactions per second using horizontal scaling principles.


Every business is different and has different requirements. Revenue Weaver has strong framework capability meaning it can support your specific requirements and be agile enough to change as market conditions change.

Tried and Tested

Customers around the world use Revenue Weaver for prepaid distribution, loyalty, charging and fulfilment.

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