Digital CVP Fulfilment Solutions

Globetom provides business agility and speed to market

Catalogue Services

Comprehensive service offer catalogue functions.

Product Offer Fulfilment

Seamless fulfilment of product offers across channels, systems and external stakeholders.

Real-time intelligent platform-based technology integration stacked to learn and execute at scale

We do not only maintain your Product and Service Catalogue for you, but also drive Real-time Fulfilment from UX Layers through to Legacy Systems and Invoicing/Billing.

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Customer-centric UX and propositioning capability across all channels

This platform enables a customer-centric UX and propositioning capability across all channels, informed by advanced analytics and AI.


This platform comprises powerful e-commerce enablement modules which includes catalogue services, real-time data analytics and Loyalty as well as Master Data Management providing companies with intelligent, in-the-moment, holistic customer-centric engagements across channels, while integrating with multiple legacy product systems.



Enabling a central customer master data store with customer profiles accessible in real-time and at scale to enable personalisation and advanced customer UX.


State-of-the art loyalty program enablement through real-time personalised propositioning.


Real-time decision-making and behavioural analytics driving customer engagement, sales and deeper relationships.


Configurable real-time product feature and function enablement. This also includes voucher management.

Our Platform for Bespoke Application Monetisation

Globetom Revenue Weaver is an award winning revenue management and transaction fulfilment solution.

Highly Scalable

Scale from single to thousands of transactions per second using horizontal scaling principles.


Every business is different and has different requirements. Revenue Weaver has strong framework capability meaning it can support your specific requirements and be agile enough to change as market conditions change.

Tried and Tested

Customers around the world use Revenue Weaver for prepaid distribution, loyalty, charging and fulfilment.

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Our business process modelling and orchestration framework

Globetom Stacleo offers a rich business process modelling and orchestration framework coupled with service catalogue reference and life-cycle management functions.


Stacleo delivers the ability to build reference data integration into your integration platform for real-time integration into business processes.

Proven Scale

Stacleo is highly scalable, processing over 160 million business executions daily for our customers.


Stacleo allows you to overcome agility constraints with reference data management, business process modelling and orchestration using Service Oriented Computing.

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