Voucher Management

Look after your prepaid vouchers with full voucher life-cycle management

Total Voucher Management Solutions

Vouchers represent an important payment resource in traditional prepaid and next generation digital service markets. Globetom provides a comprehensive Voucher Management System to look after your prepaid vouchers and the full voucher life-cycle.

Manage vouchers from policy driven pin generation through distribution and voucher redemption processing.


Onboard and manage your distribution network including distributor onboarding, secure voucher batch distribution and sales reporting processing.

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Partner ecosystem

Build a voucher cloud by on boarding coalition partner voucher types for partner service access.


Issue vouchers to customers as an example of a business interaction loyalty reward.

Revenue assurance ready

Supports unified data record formats for transaction audit trail.

Life-cycle management

Policy-driven batch creation parameter specification and voucher state control.

Modern multi-tenant platform

The Revenue Weaver Voucher Management System (VMS) supports prepaid business models.

The line between prepaid and postpaid business models is blurring, resulting in customers using a mix of these models across different business services.


As a result, the importance of a modern agile and extensible Voucher Management System is becoming a business imperative.


With Revenue Weaver you can replace your legacy Voucher Management System and consolidate voucher pin generation, distribution, distributor sales management and top up platforms into a single platform.


Carrier-grade, multi-tenant, cloud-ready platform

Policy-driven batch creation parameter specification

Configurable definitions of voucher batch file formats

Full voucher distribution management

Full voucher reporting functionality

Stock management

Comprehensive, user-role controlled reporting and dashboards

Comprehensive revenue assurance for all role players

Payment control management for post-paid distribution operational models

Device and sales agent management

Full voucher life-cycle management

Voucher state and status control

Integration services (REST and SOAP)

Instantaneous batch freezing/ cancellation

Create dynamic, on-demand promotional voucher batches

Call data records generated for voucher activity

Support for bill payments

Processing of voiding reports for crediting

Generate, modify, authorise and associate a PIN with serial numbers and dispatch the order to the manufacturer

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