Wholesale Distribution

Build distribution and dealer management networks as wholesale distributors

A one-stop solution

Complete operation of electronic prepaid distribution, payment and top-up operations for Communications Service Providers and Wholesale Distributors.

With decreasing Average Revenue per User (ARPU) the reduction of costs of distribution and increased distribution efficiencies have become a crucial Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and their distribution partners.


Globetom’s Revenue Weaver prepaid and payment distribution solution offers a one-stop platform to take care of the entire distribution chain from core voucher operations and pinless top-ups through to retail outlet and distribution device management.

Wholesale Distribution main mockup


Reduced fraud

CSPs and wholesale distributors benefit from reduced fraud and theft of physical vouchers distributed.

Electronic channel

Reduce input cost of distribution through a sophisticated electronic channel that you control.

Eliminate risk

Eliminate risk of running out of stock at points of distribution.

Expand with ease

Wholesale distributors can expand distribution portfolio with ease, e.g. add prepaid electricity.

Carrier-grade, multi-tenant, cloud-ready platform

The platform provides Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) readiness to support multiple tenants for distribution.

Revenue Weaver offers CSPs the ability to consolidate their prepaid distribution operations onto a centralized platform that enables CSPs and their distribution network to rapidly convert scratch-card distribution to a secure electronic channel.


In addition, distributors gain the ability to offer products in a prepaid model and create an electronic distribution channel.


Carrier-grade, multi-tenant, cloud-ready platform

Supports Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD)

Comprehensive Wholesale distribution management (Manage a distribution network from wholesale distributors through to retail outlets and street vendors)

Retail outlet network management

Centralised device management with immediate activation and suspension

Stock management

Comprehensive, user-role controlled reporting and dashboards

Comprehensive revenue assurance for all role players

Payment control management for post-paid distribution operational models

Operation, administration and management (OA&M)

Comprehensive security with 3DES and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) secured communication from point of distribution to platform

Point of Sale devices - mobile POS as well as BYOD with an Android app with bluetooth printer capability

Loyalty and customer retention module

Distribute various products and services (airtime, pay-TV, prepaid electricity etc.)

Create dynamic, on-demand promotional voucher batches

PIN-less/virtual top-up support for CSPs

Support for bill payments

Public cloud accounting integration with QuickBooks

Support for real-time integration enabling real-time subscriber balance top-up

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