Last updated: 2023-08-29

7 Security


7.1 Security Strategy and Security Standards Compliance

Globetom fully appreciates the importance of cyber security to minimse vulnerabilities and breaches, protect data privacy and ensure business continuity. This has become increasingly important in recent years as the number of cyber-attacks have grown exponentially due to the digital market expanding as more and more companies go through digital transformation.

As Globetom’s core business is to develop software platforms and build solutions and cloud-based services on these platforms for customers it is essential that we minimize any vulnerabilities in operations and software and are able to ensure high levels of business continuity for our operations and customers in the case of a cyber breach or disaster which may impact a data centre where our platforms and solutions are running.

To achieve high levels of security and business continuity, Globetom has embarked on a program to achieve ISO 27001 Compliance in H2 2023. This compliance will ensure that:

      • our staff will receive regular security training updates and have full knowledge of our defined security policies
      • our software environments are protected with network and Web Application firewalls, network segmentation and DMZs, strong access controls including MFA, anti-virus software, encryption of data in transit and at rest and continuous logging and monitoring for suspicious behaviour.
      • we have well defined response and disaster recovery plans which have been rehearsed and tested for handing cyber security incidents and disasters

Furthermore, based on the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard, Globetom will undergo a major audit every three years and a secondary audit in years 2 and 3 which will ensure that Globetom continues to maintain its compliance with the standard.



7.2 Website Security

7.2.1 It is Globetom’s policy to ensure that Users’ information or any communication between Users and Globetom is dealt with in the most reasonably secure manner possible. In an effort to achieve this, all communication with Globetom’s website is via HTTPS, an encrypted connection. Due to the nature of the Internet however, Globetom is not able to guarantee that the User’s communications with Globetom via the website is completely secure and therefore encourages Users to always ensure SSL Certificate verification (valid HTTPS connection) when interacting with Globetom websites or solutions.

7.2.2 To provide adequate security to all Users of the website and to monitor activities prohibited under section 86 of the ECT Act, the User hereby agrees to Globetom right to intercept, monitor, block, read, delete or accesses all data sent to the website or any other Globetom communication facility, e.g. email, Instant messaging – or fax to email application, subject to conditions as set out under the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication related information act 70 of 2002; 

7.2.3 The User shall not post or provide any document or file to Globetom via this website that may contain a virus. All files that are uploaded to the website will be checked by anti-virus software and will be rejected if the results show the files contain a virus. At the same time, Globetom encourages Users to use anti-virus software on their own systems for their own protection.