7 Security


7.1 Although Globetom is not obliged to provide security on the Globetom website we feel it is important that Users information or any communication between Users and Globetom is dealt with in the most secure manner reasonably possible, however because of the nature of the internet Globetom cannot that the User’s communications with Globetom via the website is completely secure;


7.2 To provide adequate security to all Users of the website and to monitor activities prohibited under section 86 of the ECT Act the User hereby agrees to Globetom right to intercept, monitor, block, read, delete or accesses all data sent to the website or any other Globetom communication facility, e.g. email, Instant messaging – or fax to email application, subject to conditions as set out under the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication related information act 70 of 2002;


7.3 It is our policy to virus check documents and files before they are posted on this website. However, Globetom cannot guarantee that documents or files downloaded from this website will be free from viruses and Globetom does not accept any responsibility for any damage or loss caused by any virus. Accordingly, for the User’s own protection, the User must use virus-checking software when using this website. Further, the User shall not post or provide to Globetom via this website, any document or file that may contain a virus. The User must virus checks any document or file which the User intends to post or provide to us via this website.  The User hereby indemnify globetom, its service providers and affiliates against any possible damages, expenses or losses as a result of delivering computer programs or any other code that may damage this website or the globetom or its service provider’s infrastructure;