Mobile Application and Portal for Electronic Prepaid Distribution

Prepaid Management and Distribution

Mobile Application and Portal for Electronic Prepaid Distribution

Problem Statement


There is a growing need for pervasive access to electronic distribution and payment solutions in emerging markets. This need is growing as access to Digital Services in emerging markets are pursued by service providers. Wholesale electronic distribution organisations are grabbing this market opportunity to bridge the gap between available product offerings and accessibility to these products in emerging markets. These wholesale distributors need a pervasive mobile application technology to serve as access points to products and payment services and also a back-end administration portal from which to manage their distribution network functions.



Solution Overview


Chamelix is used to deliver both a mobile application and a comprehensive web portal for the administration of an entire wholesale distribution operation. The Chamelix application is deployed as a single application across the mobile application and web portal functions. This creates a low maintenance and low code environment to support the distribution solution across devices.



Solution Description


  • Deployment of single Chamelix web server in conjunction with Revenue Weaver for the back-end distribution functions
  • Comprehensive Wholesale Distribution portal that spans key functions such as:
    • Retail outlet network management
    • POS and Mobile device management, allocation and distribution
    • Stock and supplier management
    • Comprehensive Reporting
    • Dashboards for distribution visualisation
    • Operator management functions
  • Android play store application deployment with branding per wholesale distributor
  • Configurable mobile application menu options from the administrative portal to make new products and services available on mobile application instantaneously



Other key features include:


  • User security management
  • Audit trails of user activity
  • Service Level visualisation
  • Message broadcasting to retail network and users
  • Content caching for efficient operation of devices and web portal
  • Report caching
  • Scheduled reporting





The Chamelix-based mobile application and portal is used across African countries by independent distributors that uses the mobile application as a vending device and the back-end administrative portal as a comprehensive distribution and payment management solution. The portal is used at scale and wholesale distributors are able to operate the platform independently to grow their retail outlet network.



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