Subscription Billing Management Portal

Subscription Billing

Subscription Billing Management Portal

Problem Statement


As a Subscription Billing solution provider, the platform owner needs a portal that supports multi-tenancy and multiple lines of business per tenant. This capability must enable organisations using the platform to manage billable subscriptions per line of business and for the supported lines of business manage end-customer subscriptions.



Solution Overview


The Chamelix view engine was leveraged to deliver a variety of portals from a single deployment of the Chamelix web server. This enabled intelligent white labelling of portals based on session variables. A comprehensive subscription billing solution front-end was developed for subscription plan management and also for end-customer onboarding. The solution enables subscription economy enablement for any customer that wants to extend their revenue using subscription plans.



Solution Description


Chamelix was leveraged to develop an enterprise management portal for subscription billing plan management and reporting that enables any size enterprise to extend their revenue streams with subscription income or to start with a brand new revenue stream from subscription plans.





The Subscription Billing solution delivers a comprehensive portal for the management of a subscription economies for small to large enterprises.



Chamelix, Revenue Weaver, Subscription Billing

Handle recurring subscription-based payments

Notify the platform in advance of pending subscription renewals

Provide a future-proof billing platform that can readily integrate with the payment interface technologies