Network Coverage Tool in the Fibre Provider Sector


Network Coverage Tool in the Fibre Provider Sector

The Industry

Telecommunications and fibre provider sector


The Problem

Companies find it difficult to manage their location-based products, services and infrastructure, and to provide access to this information to their employees, partners and customers in a user-friendly, intuitive and automated manner.


The Solution

This problem can be solved through the implementation and adoption of the network coverage tool for use in the organisation and exposing some of the network coverage tool’s functionality to the organisation’s customers and partners. The solution will allow an organisation to manage their spacial catalogue, as well as expose this catalogue to their customers who will then be able to drop a pin on a map and indicate connectivity for products which are available in a specific region.


How it Works

Revenue Weaver will integrate into the current systems and interfaces (the OSS and BSS stack) in the organisation via northbound and southbound APIs.


Network Coverage Tool:

  • web based application presenting map indicating coverage
  • indicate fibre connectivity, wireless connectivity and VAS products available in the area
  • fully REST API enabled with JSON as the default data format
  • full functionality to be accessible to registered customers and sales tea,s
  • measure the distance between two points on a map


Web portal:

  • accessible from and full support and compatibility with multiple browsers
  • web portal back-end and front-end
  • role-based access to the organisation’s web portal
  • accessibility of the network coverage tool map to the public without authentication
    • this can be embedded in the organisation’s website/ web portal which is accessible by its partners and customers


Model-view-controller architecture:

  • mapping business models presented using dynamic views
  • map data administration
  • map rendering
  • APIs available for integration with current programs and systems


Catalogue management functions:

  • spacial aware catalogues
  • catalogue lifecycle management
  • lookup of catalogue elements during the order capture
  • service lifecycle management: the entire lifecycle of the catalogue element including design, build, deploy, maintain, and retire


The Advantages

Present your location based products to your partners and customers in a seamless, intuitive, convenient and fast manner on a user-friendly map and interface.


Gain an advantage over your competitors by having a user-friendly method for them to order your products and services.




Microservices, Orcha

Provide a future-proof billing platform that can readily integrate with the payment interface technologies

Notify the mHealth platform in advance of pending subscription renewals

Handle recurring subscription-based payments