Trouble Ticketing in the Fibre Provider Sector


Trouble Ticketing in the Fibre Provider Sector


Telecommunications and fibre providers


The Problem

Customers find it difficult to track, manage and log issues which their own team, partners and customers have on their systems and with the products and services which they provide.


The Solution

The problem can be solved through the implementation of a trouble ticketing system and framework,  which integrates with all of the OSS and BSS systems which are in place in the organisation.


Employees, partners and customers will be able to create a new trouble ticket, specify the nature and severity of the trouble ticket and all necessary related information relating to the ticket. The solution includes mechanisms to search for and update existing trouble tickets. Notifications are designed to provide information when a ticket has been updated, including status changes. A basic set of states of a trouble ticket can be specified to handle ticket lifecycle management.


How it Works

Creating, tracking and managing trouble tickets among partners. These tickets would relate to an issue or a problem identified by a customer or another system.


Operations performed on a trouble ticket:

  • retrieval or collection of trouble ticket depending on criteria
  • creating a trouble ticket
  • retrieving a trouble ticket
  • updating the whole ticket
  • performing a PATCH update


Trouble ticket attributes:

  • description
  • severity
  • type
  • related dates i.e. creation, Trager resolution, resolution
  • state
  • sub-state
  • related info i.e. change reason and change date
  • related parties i.e. originator, owner, revision
  • notes


The Advantages

This solution will enhance your service delivery to customers, increase transparency and revolutionise the way that you handle incidents.


You will be able to collaborate with your team from a single place and know who is working on a ticket, its priority, and status. Filter tickets, prioritise workflow, ensure continuity, reduced ticket backlog and provide higher quality support for your customers.


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