Portal for Big Data and Analytics Visualisation

Enterprise Information Portal

Portal for Big Data and Analytics Visualisation

Problem Statement


Customers across industry sectors have a growing need for access to real-time analytic data to drive decision making and to support personalisation of their product offerings founded in data science.



Solution Overview


Chamelix offers a cloud-based deployment model where the portal is pre-integrated with a variety of database technologies and notably with Amazon Redshift for column-based storage database technology which enables fast analytical data information rendering. Chamelix is deployed in AWS cloud for, amongst others, Aviation sector customers  that uses the off-the-shelf report, chart and dashboard builder capabilities to visualise information. The responsiveness of the solution enables on-demand access to dashboards and reports from multiple devices.



Solution Description


Chamelix delivers an Enterprise-class information portal with security access control to reports and dashboards to ensure that access to information is controlled.





The solution is successfully developed in AWS cloud and serves multiple customers on single infrastructure deployments and is therefore fully multi-tenant.



Chamelix, Enterprise Information Portal

No-code Dashboard Builder

No-code Report Builder

Low-code portal extensions for custom requirements

Comprehensive Chart and Widget Library for information Visualisation

Intelligent caching of report and chart data

Instant solution availability in AWS Cloud integrated with Redshift