Globetom, Radixx give airlines AI-based customer insights

Globetom, Radixx give airlines AI-based customer insights

Globetom, an agile business technology company, and Radixx International, an airline merchandising and distribution platform business, have partnered to create Radixx Insight, an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platform that optimises airline operations and customer experiences.


The solution enables airlines to leverage their operational and customer data to help analyse customer journeys, improve customer experiences, and provide rapid and reliable operational insights for better decision-making.


“The solution provides comprehensive insights into customer journeys with near real-time recommendations for adaptive decision-making at the point of customer contact,” says Philip Stander, MD of Globetom. “The airline industry is exceptionally competitive and faces numerous challenges.


“Understanding the customer journey and being able to intelligently pivot services based on events recognised in the operational systems gives airline employees an unrivalled opportunity to immediately improve the customer experience and capitalise on revenue-generating opportunities,” he adds.


“We are excited to work with Globetom to offer our airline partners a world class product that enables optimised operations,” says Mike Barrera, chief product officer at Radixx. “This technology partnership strongly addresses our customers’ need for a powerful analytics and revenue-optimisation platform.”


Radixx Insight is a cloud-hosted solution that transmits data from multiple third-parties into a single, automated system that creates reports and includes a mobile app interface that ensures data is always accessible.


The solution presents its business insights through a single interface that offers 70 reports and 20 dashboards as standard.


Radixx Insight uses Globetom’s Orcha integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) in the cloud. Orcha is a deliver anything-as-a-service (XaaS) platform for customers who want to integrate and mine the data from multiple systems to drive informed operational activities and foster enhanced customer centricity.


About Radixx

Founded in 1993, Radixx International, Inc., headquartered in Orlando, Florida, combines an innovative technology approach with unique partnership models enabling airlines of all sizes and business models to be effective retailers and efficient operators. Radixx caters to LCC and ULCC airlines, including the support of GDS distribution. Radixx offers a world-class Internet Booking Engine, Radixx ezyCommerce, a cloud-based Passenger Services System, Radixx Res, and a leading Departure Services Suite, Radixx Go, uniquely designed to enable airlines to increase their profitability and maximize productivity through expanded distribution services. Since 2016, has delivered their sixth-generation, micro-services-based passenger service system. Radixx is a Sabre company. For more information on Radixx, please visit our website at


About Globetom™

Globetom™ develops products and solutions that help businesses build, deploy, and monetize services in the cloud. Their key market offerings include Enterprise Middleware, a SOA Application Platform, Prepaid Management and Distribution, Billing, Loyalty, Customer Centricity, and Business Intelligence.