Building a customer data platform to extract the persona value hidden in your data

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Driving intelligence from
Customer Data

Customers remain the most important asset in any business. Protecting your customer base is critical with extracting customer behavioral data insights being a crucial strategy to promote customer loyalty. Is your customer journey data integrated with big data available for customer analytics and retention?


Citizen Integrators like Marketing Managers, Product Managers and Customer Value Managers require access to customer data across channels, legacy systems and external sources to drive customer-centric strategies within the organization.


Contact us today to learn how the cloud-based ORCHA Next Generation Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) with Advanced Big Data Analytics provide integrated solutions to CDOs at 49-60% of competitors’ pricing, while increasing scalability, extensibility and precision.

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Cost savings of 49-60% when compared to other major industry providers

Enables scalability, extensibility and precision processing

Unlike other offers, ORCHA packages IPaaS, BI, DWH and an Enterprise Information Portal in one solution

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