Globetom Provides Klein Karoo with Innovative Marketing Solution

Globetom Provides Klein Karoo with Innovative Marketing Solution


Globetom has provided an innovative solution for Klein Karoo Seed Marketing (KKSM) Zambia, an Agribonus client, to assist them in collecting customer information in the informal, prepaid market they operate in. This was done through an SMS competition enabled by Globetom’s GP3 and iWin solutions.


“This solution is an example of Globetom’s platform innovation where our GP3 and iWin platforms were readily leveraged for incremental customer pull innovation. Globetom was able to quickly meet our client’s requirements by leveraging existing technology. Additionally, due to our very high degree of IPR ownership with limited third party supplier costs, we were able to offer KKSM a cost-effective solution,” says Philip Stander, MD of Globetom.


Globetom’s GP3, which amongst others, delivers a loyalty and voucher management solution, and Wireless Application Service Provider (WASP) platform, iWin, enabled Klein Karoo to gather customer information such as gender, age, usage patterns, geographic location and customers’ variety preferences. This is assisting them to build a credible customer database and improve their ability to market and sell to their customers.


The solution allowed KKSM Zambia to run a competition where customers could receive free airtime when they SMSed the unique code, found on the inside of the purchased seed bag, along with their name and location. At the same time, it allowed KKSM to gather customer information they need for marketing purposes.


“With our iWin platform we set up a Short Code that customers could message into, and an SMS channel in order to deliver airtime pins back to the customer as a reward,” Stander adds.


Globetom’s GP3 platform is used by BayoZam for electronic prepaid distribution in Zambia and was used to record KKSM’s customer information and generate electronic voucher pins for two and five Kwacha that was sent to customers. BayoZam then provided KKSM Zambia detailed reporting on when vouchers were redeemed, where and by whom.


Kevin Kleemann Wright, MD for Klein Karoo Seed Marketing Zambia, says: “The competition is still being tested out in the market but this idea has already allowed us to gain invaluable insight into our customers.”


One of the challenges that companies face when marketing to an informal sector is the lack of customer knowledge. The prepaid market is dominated by cash being exchanged in very informal spaces which means that often the customer, their demographics and purchase history are never recorded.


“By allowing us to build a customer database year-on-year we can see planting seasons in specific areas, who our returning clients are and can send Bulk SMS messages to specifically targeted groups with specifically targeted specials,” Kleemann Wright adds.


Explains Stander: “For companies and brands looking to expand into Africa and enter the emerging African informal market, a current hotbed for profitable growth, they will need to know who their customers are. We have helped KKSM do this by leveraging our technology platforms. We also view this solution as an example of how we have helped KKSM to build a new solution by leveraging a lean innovation approach coupled with an unparalleled low-cost technology investment.”


Globetom’s combined GP3 and iWin solution can be tailored to address specific client needs which in this instance was to gathering market and customer data to facilitate customer communication but extends far beyond this to more sophisticated loyalty and customer-centric solutions. To allow this freedom of customisation, the solution provides clients with Competition Management, full Voucher Lifecycle Management, SMS and Shortcode Messaging ability, Comprehensive Reporting, Member Management and Rule-based Rewards.