Placing the Chief Data Officer at the center of data-led innovation in the organization

Placing the Chief Data Officer at the center of data-led innovation in the organization


COVID has accelerated the adoption of data-led decision making within business domains. Chief Data Officers must collect and manage their organization’s information assets while also supporting the rapidly growing self-service data and analytics needs across the business. As Data Literacy increases throughout the organization, a shared and consistent technology approach for accessing, configuring, and processing data is required.



Unfortunately, achieving this consistency has proven difficult, as CDO and IT divisions have only been involved fully in 17% of these technology and access initiatives. Providing a standard set of tools, infrastructure, and even a more sophisticated data warehouse has been a challenge as high license and operating costs and lengthy turnaround times for new data integrations have presented significant barriers to unlocking the organization’s data assets.



Globetom’s ORCHA™ Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) supports the Citizen Integrators within your business and removes these barriers, allowing your business to thrive as a data-centric organization. Our comprehensive cloud platform includes an advanced iPaaS, Analytics, an Operational Data Store, and an intuitive, unparalleled Enterprise Information portal that is highly configurable to drive your organization’s information needs and data integrations.



Xaas Stack in the Cloud

ORCHA delivers a comprehensive, secure, cloud-native platform


Read more and watch our video to see how we enable CDOs to unlock data-led innovation in organizations through their XaaS stack in the cloud: